Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meet Joe!

Meet Joe Brausch. Joe is the father of Russ Brausch, Cathy’s boyfriend. Two weeks ago Liz and and Joe crossed paths in Russ’s driveway and for some reason they were both intrigued with one another. Lizzy commented that Russ’s dad was really cool. (That’s a big deal for our 14 year old to actually think an adult is cool!) One week later Liz was diagnosed with cancer in her bone marrow(Leukemia), something Joe was well familiar with. He was saddened as we all were but promptly insisted to his son that he would like to visit Liz that night. Russ asked us if Joe could visit on the evening of our first full day in the hospital and soon there after Joe entered our room with bible in hand. He shared with Liz that he was deeply saddened to hear about her diagnosis, and then went on to tell his story. (I’m sure I’ll miss some details). In 1997 Joe was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow disease. He wished it were leukemia because then at least they would have had a treatment plan! He was prayed over, prayed with, and tried to do all the right things to get right with God. Then one day he had an experience that would forever change his outlook on life. Joe found himself in conversation with a man that he claims he really did not know that well. The gentleman challenged Joe with some simple questions: Do you believe that our God is the creator of heaven and earth? Do you believe that that same God created each of us, mind, body, and soul? Joe, from the depths of his being exclaimed “yes”. The gentleman then continued: Do you believe that the same God has the power to heal you? Again Joe answered yes! Without any doubt in his mind Joe sensed God’s healing power and believed he was healed. One week later Joe went in to have the same bone marrow extraction that Liz had and there was no trace of the cancer! Joe is a living example of the power of God through our Lord Jesus Christ! Joe went on to share with Liz that not only was he healed but that he has also been gifted with more strength today than he has ever had in his life! He took out a thick long (6 inches) nail and handed it to Liz. Liz commented on how heavy it was. He then took it back from Liz and proceeded to bend it in half!!! Joe is living proof of God’s healing power and God has placed him in our lives, at this time to sense His healing powers in Lizzy Grace! Exactly one week ago at this time we were faced with the reality that our healthy, energetic, athletic daughter was diagnosed with a bone marrow cancer. Sense that time we have sensed God’s perfect healing power in every moment of every day. I pray too that God might supernaturally heal Liz of any cancer, but I know in the depths of my heart that he can use all things for good and I have seen the outpouring of His love though all of you! Christine and I are deeply grateful. I want to leave you all this morning with a video of our new friend Joe. He stopped by last night and displayed his God given strength by taking a frying pan, that’s right a frying pan and folding it up like a burrito!!! He had some nurses on the floor peeking in our room! Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” God Bless, Randy


MamaBird said...

THAT's INCREDIBLE! What a testament to God's strength and healing power! Thank you for sharing this!

Kristi said...

Good Morning family,
Wow what an awesome friend you have in Joe...God works in mysterious ways he brings people into our lives as guarding angels...looks like you had a fun halloween...we will be sending some candy your way...

After talking with your mom this morning about the bracelet I got her and asking me if she can add orange to it for leukemia annie and I got an idea...We are going to make bracelets in honor of you.
We will be giving them to you and your family and also friends so when they wear it they can think of you and keep you close.. we are going to take some to FX.. since Annie can't come and visit you she wanted to do something special for you...we love you liz...looking at you in these pictures brightens our day!!
Kristi and Annie

Stacie said...

Dear Christine, Randy, Elizabeth, Cathy, and Jim,
Where to start?...First I have to tell you that looking at the pictures of Liz is like looking at my friend from 18 years ago! What a beautiful family you are. Mike and I just want you to know that we may be separated by lots of miles but not in our hearts. We are praying for all of you. I find comfort in this passage from Psalm 37, I hope you do too...
"Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act." Love, Stacie,Mike,Quinn and Hannah

The Quigleys said...

Hey Liz and everyone there! The video was awesome! It looked like you all were having a happy halloween.Keep your chin up Liz.
Aunt Cec

Anonymous said...

I can do that lol just kiddin Nice vid there Joe is a Beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope everything is ok and hope liz is getting better everyday

From Dylan

Cindy Dodson said...

Whoa! Girlfriend! Best to keep Joe on your list of friends. Wouldn't want him on my bad side! Kyle watched the video and was way impressed. I'm afraid I'm going to have to start hiding my frying pans! I already see that "look" in his eyes! What a better place you are in today, Liz, compared to just last Saturday. I know there's still much work to be done by your body and all the hospital staff, but I also know that all the love inside you and around you will carry you through as the days go on. Brit and I look forward to seeing you again and getting a close-up look at the new "do"!
Mrs. D

Cat said...

great entry dad :)

Anna* said...

I dont think i will ever get tired of hearing that story. Your dad told us when we went to see you last week and i found that amazing then. after watching that video, i am even more amazed and i really want to meet Joe! he sounds like a great person.
omg you look sooooooo pretty! and by all these updates (i read them everyday) it sounds like you are being the same liz we all know and love. keep a positive attitude just like we had to do at volleyball :) keep fighting hard and being strong love! I cant wait to see you! i miss you soooooo much! i love you lots and dont you ever forget it! <3 anna*

grz said...

That was amazing!!!!! I could't believe my eyes! And I saw the nails hanging on your door. I have a hard enough time trying to snap a pencile. haha. Its just crazy. If Joe can have that much strength through God, I know you will be fine with just even a litle bit of that. I'm sure you already have it though:) stay strong

love, emily

Paige said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i have never seen anything like that in my life! i really need to meet joe he looks like a really sweet guy. if inspires me i know he can inspire you to hold on and be strong! i keep praying for you everyday. and i am totally wearing a lot of orange. i love you and miss you so much.


Demi said...

wow that was amazing !
i bet you could do that liz (:
haha stay strong.
your always in my prayers!
(and i love the burrito picture ! )

Sarah A said...

whoah! that is very amazing, and that picture of you eating a burrito made me very hungry. stay strong and you are always in my prayers.

Love your friend,

Sarah Ammons

Harvey's :D said...

with my gigantic guns im sure im capable ;)
jk, but joe seems really cool
and his story was inspiring :)
every second my dad is asking how you are and to say hey to you ha,
alex and my mom too :)
im comin to visit soon so cya then!
love your hairrx1000 :D
-emma marie

Ashley Martin said...

wow that man is amazing.! he seems very strong and will help you and your family get through this leukemia.

christmas story said...

Randy and Christine - Joe is amazing and so is your family! I pray for Liz's great recovery as a testament to His glory, and also for a smooth transition to the path He has chosen for you to travel during this time.

As well as...sleep, showers, food, work, and letting the dog know...all those sureal things that we still have to do :-0

Love you Lothrop family!

Dan Reed

Anna* said...

Hey Liz,

This is actually Anna's mom. I don't know enough to have my own way to send a message but I'm sure Anna can set me up when she gets home.

Anyway, I was out of town all last week with my mom having surgery, so I was unable to let you know how much I am thinking about you and praying for you. As soon as I hit the door Anna caught me up with the "Joe" story and showed me all about the blog.

Not only do you have tons of people in Ohio praying for you but now you have people in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia holding you up to God in prayer and believe me, nobody prays like southerners.

Keep up that beautiful smile and attitude that always kept the team laughing and hopefully we can get up to see you this weekend. I will be talking to your mom or Cindy to find out what kind of goodies to bring.

you and your family are in my prayers.
Rhonda Starr