Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Road


Christine, Randy said...

You are awesome honey! I love you...Christine

SAMi. said...

awww that was adorable!!
liz your a heroo.
i love you !

Joe said...

Dear Lizzy

I just watched the U-Tube clip that
your mom & dad entered and started crying . It was inspirational, beautiful and all the other adjective's you could think of. You have two of the most wonderful parents anyone could ask for. I love all of you and you are always in my thoughts and prayers!!
Luv ya lots, Uncle Smo (Joe)

The Quigleys said...


donlothrop said...

This film clip makes Remember the Titans look like Wally's World. I haven't been this pumped up since I saw Nash rip off 25 one arm push-ups. Sweeeeeeeeeeet !

Uncle Greg E. said...

The U-Tube clip was great!!!You and your family are great!!! Glad to be apart of this great family.

Love ya guys!!! Uncle Greg E

Rebecca Osborne said...

To the Lothrop Family, I saw you many times during volleyball season but we didn't get a chance to talk much. I am Kristen's mom. I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for Liz and your family every day. May God's love continue to shine through you all. May His strength be your strength in all things.

Aunt Patti said...

Lizzy Grace,
We are speechless. It was just beautiful. No one lights up a room like you. We love you very much. No words can describe what you mean to us!!
Hugs and Kisses
Love Aunt Patti and Uncle Scott

Cindy Dodson said...

"God has made you a divine original, a one-of-a-kind miracle."
-- Anne Orlund
You are a one-of-a-kind miracle, Liz Lothrop!

Kristi said...


it is a tough road but we will all hold your hand while you go down it..just know that victory and a win is waiting for will beat are indeed my hero!!

much love,

Kristi said...

hey liz its luke i love the youtube. be strong liz and hang tight.
yo brotha from anotha motha

Luke J


Kristi said...

Hey Liz, It's Luke again. Here's a little rhythm to help ya BEAT this!

Bonzo Luke

mOlLy said...

you are AMAZING i love you!

molly hough

(on the 7th grade white team)

Katie said...

Love the video! Great job!

Nurse Katie

Paige :) said...

it was great to visit you yesterday. you looked great. you were getting up and moving, smiling and laughing. you inspire me so much. to have this amazing attitude throughout everything. god is with you wherever and whenver. everyday he blesses you and everybody else with his love. your so strong, beautiful, and loved like no other. i saw the video with you at the hospital, so i probably already told you what i thoughgr about it. but it is such an awesome video. the pictures are great and the song is perfect. i watched it again at home and cried. it is just such a fantastic video. besides the pics of you sleeping, lol, you're either smiling or making a funny face. you brighten up my day and everybody elses day. you are surrounded by so many supporters and lovers. i pray unceasingly and will never stop. luv you <3


Katie said...

Your a beautiful young lady. And you have a strong support group at your side, and a very loving family. Keep your chin up and that beautiful smile on your face. Ill be praying for you. if you need more cancer fighting food have your mom text me and ill make it and Landon and i will bring it up to you.
Lots of love
Katie Wiederhold (your mom's coworker)

Katie said...

Your a very sweet strong girl and have tons of support just keep your chin up and that lovely smile and your face. You have tons of love surrounding you. I will keep praying for you that everything will keep on the up and up. If you want more things with brockli or any other cancer fighting food just tell your mom to text me and landon and i will make them and bring them to you.
lots of love
Katie Wiederhold (your moms coworker)

Sra. Terndrup said...

Dear Lizzy,
We are thinking and praying for you and your family. God is shining greatly through you all during this time. Sometimes when we feel Him the least, is when He is the closest. I pray that you will all be blessed by His nearness.
We love you,
Tamera, Glenn and Yujin

The Noe's said...

You are beautiful and strong, having faith is much easier when the way is clear, your faith on "this road" is an inspiration to us all. Love ya' girl!

Anna* said...

Hey love! i know i watched this with you and your mom yesterday but you know i just cant possibly look at your blog and not make some kind of comment :) i must say after watching that video in your room and then watching ginger cry after, it took all i had not to do the same. but now that i am away in my little bubble im bawling. it is still beyond me how you can keep that beautiful smile on your face. you have to be the strongest person i have ever met. and your family too! you all are so strong and loving.
o btw you need to tell your mason basketball team that me paige and em are going to make a huge sign to go in your room! but it might take a while to find paper big enough to fit everything that we feel needs to be put on it :) lol. you just wait itll be amazing!
well now that i was able to see you i wish i could go back right now.we need to like have a party and watch movies all day and play signs and apples to apples and coke and pepsi etc. ;)well find a day that you feel good and well come and throw a party even if its for like 20 minutes.
i cant wait till i get to see you again! thats what i look forward to the most now. well as much as id like to keep going on and on like i usually do im going to give you a little break this time and now you wont be up all night reading one comment. keep fighting hard and being strong love! and keep being the liz we all know and love! i love you a ton and dont you never ever forget it! im praying for you everyday! night!
<3 anna*

Uncle Doug & Aunt Nan said...

Great Pictures. Aunt Nan and I wish we coupld be there to be in one of them.

Much love and prayers,
ncle Doug & Aunt Nan

maggie F said...

you just keep on trucken i know you can beat this

maggie f

don shelton said...


Ashley Martin said...

wow that was like great. ahhhh liz i am praying for you every day and checking the blog every day. i know you'll get through everything well and healthy.


Club-Champions.Com said...

Hello Liz (and family)
I am friends with Dr. Matthew Hakes and he told me your story.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out!

goalie girl hannah said...

Liz & family,
You are in our thoughts & prayers through this time. It seems like Liz has great spirit & a great attitude, which I think is a big part of the battle. Just know that even though we don't get to see you much anymore that we are thinking and praying for you. These videos that you posted are great. With love and prayer
April, Rob & Hannah Collins
Warren County United G-94