Friday, November 21, 2008


Create your own FACEinHOLE


Ryann Comer said...

liz this is hot :) hahaa

Cat said...

tricks me every time hahahahah

Kristen said...

that looks exactly like liz =D

Joan said...

I have the privilege of working with your grandfather Jim on a committee at MCC. That is how I know of you. I was filled with joy as I read your blog and watched the videos. Our Father God "works in mysterious" and wonderful "ways!" I admire your courage and your faith. My husband Bill & I keep you and your family in our prayers. We will be praying for you especially next Tuesday. God bless you!

Joan Nattermann

Paige :) said...

wow! this picture really looks like you! thats so cool. well i haven't really talked to you since we visited you at the hospital last weekend, so i have some catching up to do. you looked fantastic at the hospital. you were definetly the smile on my face! and anna has probably already told you that we have a surprise! something bigger than masons i can't tell you what it is cause it will ruin the secret . . . but i am sure you will love it!
you haven't changed a bit since you were a baby. you have always been a bright, beautiful, loving (and loved) person. those pictures of you were VERY cute. i love all the pictures and videos though. they always make my day.
i can not wait to see you again. stay strong and know that you are loved and supported in every way you can think of. luv ya!


Saneholtz14 said...

I FINALLY figured out how to post to this blog stuff! Liz your face puts Mariah Carey's to shame...BEAUTIFUL!

KaylaMcDowell said...

hahahahahaha you were telling me about this and i was like what the heck and i just went along with it but now i know what your talking about :)