Saturday, November 29, 2008


ANC's are something that we will be very tuned into these days. ANC is the real or actual number of white blood cells that a patient has to fight an infection. White blood cells are the part of the patients blood that work against possible bacteria, fungus, or viruses that may make the patient sick. A normal ANC is greater than 2,500. A safe ANC is greater than 1,000. After chemotherapy, a patient's ANC may drop low as 0. When the ANC drops below 500 , it is important that patient's remain away from crowds and people who have colds, flu, or runny noses. If a patients is in the hospital with ANC below 500, he will be placed in protective isolation (how we spent most of the last month). This is to protect the patient from being exposed to possible infections. Well...We are pleased to say that Liz was well above 600 when we left the hospital! She spent most of the last month at zero!!! Those numbers provided a whole lot of normalcy for her yeserday! Her friend Emma Harvey came over in the morning and they "hungout". Then she went to the movies with her sister Cathy. Liz then spent most of the afternoon with her brother and friend Andy out shopping and finishing with a little Subway! Interesting side note...both Cathy and Jim had very strict orders from their mom that they were not allowed to go anywhere where there were crowds so... Cathy and Liz choose a movie that no one else went to and Jim and Andy scouted out stores in the afternoon time where few people were shopping(a difficult thing to do yesterday!)and finished with a vacant Subway. I think they were perpard to "boxout" anyone that got within 10' of Liz! Haha


The Quigleys said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm glad that the kids got to do something typical, like the movies and shopping. It must feel great to have everyone under one roof again! God has blessed us all this Thanksgiving..
Aunt Cec

the Grieses said...

Hi there,
We are so happy for Liz and your family to be able to share Thanksgiving together at home! It's wonderful to hear that Lizzy got to hang out with Jim and Cathy at the movies & shopping. What a blessing, praise God! Liz, you are an inspiration to us all! Keep believing..
Much love & continued prayers,
Jamie, Karen, Zach, Emily, Melanie & Luke

Paige :) said...

that is so great you got to go home for thanksgiving!!!!!!! it must have felt amazing to actually be home!!!! it is also fantastic that your ANC's went up a lot!!!!! it sounds like you're doing well and i know things will keep getting better!!!!! it was great to hear that you got to go out and have a good time!!!! what a miracle!!!!! you inspire me so much (i cried when i watched the latest video)!!! stay strong and keep smiling. sending lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!! :}


Ashley Martin said...

awwwww thats sooo good to hear you were able to go home for thanksgiving and go to the movies and like have some fun ! good news about those ANCs of yours. stay strong liz!!!!