Sunday, November 23, 2008

A note from someone Liz has never met, thanks Lorraine!

I wanted to send you a note letting you know that I am praying for you to become healed. Even though you have NO idea who I am, I feel like I know you just from the Blog. Your spirit SHINES through like the sun in the pictures and videos, and your smile inspires everyone! I worked with your dad at Sycamore, where I no longer work, but also played early morning games of basketball on Wed. & Fridays. Your dad is an amazing person and is always positive. I enjoyed working with him because he was never one to complain. After reading your blog, I'm finding this is the case for you...(unless you are hungry). I've heard about the new ipod and the gift cards, so I'm on the hunt. And every Tuesday, I'm trying to wear orange! I'm finding that I need to buy some more orange articles of clothing because I don't have enough! Hopefully I can find orange clothes, because I have this crazy feeling that EVERY store is sold out because you have SO many people supporting you with the battle! No worries...I will find some orange.

As you are probably thinking, "how can this lady write and she doesn't know me;) I really just wanted you to know I am praying for you! I believe very much in God, His strength, and ability to heal!

I have made it part of my day to read your blog, and I will continue to do that so I know what specifics I should pray for!
I want to thank you for the blog updates, your incredible spirit, your beautiful smile, and inspiration to love life and your belief in God! My three year old daughter loves your blog- especially your pictures. I am teaching her your name, and when I go to the website, she says..."How is Liz today?" She sees your smiling face and says, "She is happy today!"
Thanks for your inspiration!
With much prayer and love your way, we wish NOTHING more than a cure and you to have good health!
Sincerely, Lorraine Hartke


Emma Collins. said...

Hello Liz. This is Emma Collins and we have not seen or talked to each other in a little while. I just wanted to say that i hope you are hanging in there ok and you will be in my prayers. I would also like to see you soon. I have something i would like to give to you and i already got my flu shot so its all good. :).

Kristi said...

Hello Lothrops and dear Liz,

I just wanted to send you some love and prayers..I will be thinking about you this Tuesday and wearing my orange socks..this is a big day girl and you have been so amazing through this whole are a light that is for ever glowing..your smile and the strength you show, no matter how bad you may feel. Is beautiful to see...I admire you all so rock girlfriend and I just wanted you to know how awesome I think you are...I Love You all very much!!
Tuesday will be Glowing Bright Orange and You will be beaming of good news!! I know you will be ok...

Faith is on your side!!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note... I am participating in the 99th Cincinnati Run or Walk of 2008... it's this Thanksgiving Day. One of the charities that the 10K sponsors is Children's Hospital Medical Center!

I'll be wearing orange in support of Lizzy... and if you want to spread the word, I don't think it's too late to participate! We could have an "Orange Brigade"! ... I will be walking... not