Monday, November 24, 2008

Awesome email from a former student of mine & some pictures from Kings JH! Girls that Liz played basketball against and soccer with organized the day!

Hi Mr. Lothrop! (and family)

I received word about Liz's diagnosis from Lauren Goedde. She forwarded me the e-mail that your neighbors sent out. I was heartbroken when I heard the news. I wondered how something so tragic could happen to someone so healthy and active. I meant to send an e-mail at the time, but honestly I didn't know exactly what to say. I tried thinking of the right thing to say, but I know there isn't really anything I could say to make things better. I just wanted to let you know that I think about and pray for Lizzy and your family every night.

I just spent the past hour or so reading the blog,looking at all the pictures and slide shows, crying, and smiling. I realized that I still hadn't sent an e-mail and felt awful about it. I know I have never met your daughter, but from reading everything and seeing the pictures, I can tell that she is such a positive, cheerful, strong, brave girl. I know that her amazing personality and outlook on life is helping her through this and will only make things better. It's so great to hear that she is able to keep such a positive attitude and see the glass half full through all of this. I don't know if I would be able to do the same. I also know that she has a wonderful family there for her to love and support her. I couldn't think of any other dad who would be better in a situation like this. You were always so encouraging, positive, and helpful in math class. And as important as Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc are in life (ccccllllllearly extremely important), this is much bigger than that. You taught us to SLAC(solve like a champ) and GIDLAC(get it done like a champ) and I know you are helping her do many things LAC.

It is really amazing to see all the support that Liz and your family is receiving. From reading the blog, I can tell that everyone from your closest friends and family to people you have never met in your life are thinking of Liz. I am sure all of that support is helping everyone stay positive. I can't even imagine what it must be like going through something like this, but I know your family will get through it together. It really makes me reevaluate "tough situations" in my life when I think about things like this.

I am glad to hear that Lizzy is doing pretty well. I will continue to pray for her and your family everyday. I know Tuesday is extremely important for her, and I wish and pray for the best. It is clear that God is with her and the rest of your family and I know he will continue to be throughout. I wish you all the best during this long, tough road. I know the holidays might be a little different than in the past, but I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Circumstances like this really open our eyes to what we are thankful for.

I'm praying for Liz and wish her and your family strength. :)

I hope everything else back in Cincinnati and at Sycamore is great. I miss it!

Paige Keefe


Daniella said...

Hi Liz,

I was so happy I got to meet you tonight and see your smiling face in person. And you look so good! Your walls covered with cards speaks volumes for the people who love and care about you and are behind you all the way. We will be thinking of you tomorrow and anxiously await the good news that you have no blasts and can be on your way home soon! I have taken out the one orange shirt I own and will be wearing it tomorrow and thinking of you :)
Keep up that strength and positive attitude!


"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results"

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzy Grace!
I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you tonight and praying for good news tomorrow.
I feel like every Tuesday Ken and I climb into our orange "battle gear". I wish it was that simple for you to have to just "put on the orange".....but know that we are on the team (in uniform!) and in your corner.
Much love to you,
Aunt Laura

Uncle Greg E. said...

Hi Liz!
Just wanted you to know how much fun I had with Aunt Theresa, Mom & Dad this weekend putting your new floor in. We had alot of fun. If I can do anything else for you or Mom & Dad, please let me know. And always, Aunt Theresa and I are praying for you every day!! Well, I'll let you go. Take care and have a good night!

Love Ya!!! Uncle Greg E.

The Quigleys said...

I'm praying for you Lizzie to get better soon. (and I'm crossing my fingers too)

Love your cousin,
Justin---I'm 10

Hi family,
Jusitn did this on his own!
The Quigleys

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
It was great meeting you in person the other evening and we are so happy that you are now home and can enjoy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Keep smiling - you have a great attitude and are truly an inspiration to us all. Still can't believe how long your legs are!!
Melanie Joffe