Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 23, November 19th

I have not had the chance to get to the hospital, but did finally get to talk to Christine tonight. Liz seems to be doing very well. The nurses and doctors are all amazed. Lizzy's ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) has had a few peaks. The ANCs are the good cells that we like to see. Although, as Christine said, Lizzy's ANC will be back to zero tomorrow, it is encouraging b/c her body is trying to make the good cells. ( The ANC will be back down b/c of the chemo killing all of the bad cells...and the good cells get hacked in the process too.)

Lizzy got chemo today. (It is Tuesday ya know! Did you wear your orange?) This time she received 2 IV meds. She does not like to get chemo b/c it makes her tired. Actually, I think it is the pre and post meds that make her tired. The ones to prevent nauseau etc...

It is also a drag b/c just when Lizzy starts to feel better, around Friday...after her Tuesday chemo...she only has a few days of feeling good until she gets hit with more chemo, and that brings her right back down for a few days. She is not digging that so much! Her hard days seem to be Tuesday - Friday, and her good days seem to be Friday - Monday.

Lizzy's walls are COVERED with cards. Each and every wall...minimal white space...!! Christine said the Doctors and nurses pop in just to read the cards!

Lizzy has not had a headache this time. She did not have a spinal...which tends to lead to a that in itself makes it a good week! Additionally, word has it that Lizzy gets grouchy when she is hungry... that prednisone really increases your appetite! So, make sure you visit right after lunch or dinner! ; )

Next week, November 25th, (Day 29), Lizzy will have another bone marrow aspiration, and spinal. They are looking for ZERO blasts. If, by some small chance she does have blasts, she will get 2 extra weeks of high dose chemo, and they will check her marrow and spinal fluid again. If needed, there is a "Plan C." It would be great though, if we could stay with the current Plan B!

So...picture THIS: Randy and Christine popped out of the hospital together a few days ago. They ran errands..etc...and decided to get a car wash. They went to Shell...(Not the Mr. Clean Car Wash, I might add...since my husband was on the team that got The Mr. Clean Car Wash off the ground)...Anyway...there they are...enjoying a nice little car wash when.....YIKES....the car wash got stuck...with Randy and Christine's car inside the car wash...with Randy and Christine inside the car!!!! Can you imagine....?! So $1,500 of damage later, they are going through the process of getting estimates etc. (Of all things...)....Christine said she thinks she will just stay at the hospital from now on!

Regarding the Lothrops, Christine acknowledged that they all seem to do well when Lizzy is doing well, and visa-versa....They are tired, but seem to find joy and peace in the little things. It is amazing...there is crisis all around them...even within their own room, and yet they continue to be real, and transparent...they continue to seek God for their peace, and comfort...and they continue to invite us on this journey with them...Even when it is hard...

Please Pray:
Thank God for the glimpses or ANC's that we see. Thank him that Catherine is feeling better and can now come see Lizzy. Thank him for small distractions...even it they include getting the car trashed in a car wash....Thank him for the opportunity to expereince Him on this journey with the Lothrops....

Pray for: Zero blasts on the 25th, for minimal side effects of the chemo, for rest and respite for The Lothrops, and for God to reveal himself in Lizzy's healing!

A few reminders:
Wear orange on Tuesday...get our flu shots...wash our hands...wear a mask...know that when we visit, we may just need to leave a note if The Lothrops are resting...and let us not forget to bring food...just in case Lizzy is hungry!!!

But most of all...remember...God's word is a lamp unto our feet...He will lead us each and every step at a time...we can depend on Him!
Fear is not from God...God is a god of peace...even, and especially in uncertain times. When we feel fear...we need to push that away, and accept God's peace, peace that passes understands....

Phillipians 4:4-11....



Kristi said...

It was so nice to get an update..

Girlfriend..Oh my gosh Christine and here I thought maybe you and Randy went home to rest and get some sleep in your own bed, but instead you got caught in a car wash, I can't believe it..I don't no whatelse to say I think I am speechless..

Please take care! I hope Liz is doing ok..I know these are her bad days..sending you all some much deserved peace and rest...

love ya much!!

The Quigleys said...

This could only happen to you to!!!
I wish I could have seen that!!!
Need a car wash??
Love Ya,