Monday, November 10, 2008

Nothing like family :-)

Good morning!
I have not had chance to touch base with Christine to see how Lizzy did over the w/e. I will talk to her later and send you a medical update.

But, of course, I have a few thoughts to share with you!

A friend recently asked me about St. Judes. As we all know, St. Judes is an amazing hospital that specializes in pediatric oncology.

Although St. Judes is considered (rightly so) to be one of our nations top treatment centers for pediatric oncology, I want to assure you that I believe Lizzy is exactly where God has her...on the 5th floor, room 45, Childrens Hospital, Cincinnati!

Here are a few specifics to put my thoughts in context...

As God would have it, Dr. Absolon, Lizzy's primary oncologist, is a veteran oncology expert, who previously had worked...for 10 years or more, at St. Judes. (So basically, God brought St. Judes to Lizzy!) Additionally, as I understand it, the treatment at this stage, for Lizzy's diagnosis of ALL (Acute lymphatic leukemia), is the same throughout oncology treatment centers. So, in essence, going to St. Judes is a non-issue b/c they would be doing the same thing Childrens is doing! (Not to mention Dr. Absolon is already here!)

Remember, if one were to get leukemia, ALL is the best type to have b/c it usually responds very well to treatment. The other, most common type, is AML, acute myelocytic leukemia. Although AML is treatable, it does not respond as well. (Did you ever think you would be thanking God for ALL?....)

I will never forget the first night Lizzy was in the hospital. The nurse that had been serving the Lothrops all day, on a 12 hour shift, and was getting ready to go home. She was to be off for the next few days. Before the she left for the night (much later than she was suppose to I might add)...she made a point of popping into Lizzy's room...encouraging her, and as she left she left she gave a little more encouragement...sort of like a cheerleader..."We're all hoping for ALL!" ... I thought to myself...this is not just another hospital...this is a very special place, with very special people working here.

(By the way the difference b/w ALL and AML is the type of massive, immature white blood cells that the marrow is producing...)

So, be encouraged! Yes, this is marathon. There will be alot of ups and downs...yet, we can see how God has provided for Lizzy even before we knew there was a need.

Tomorrow is a very important day...

Please continue to pray:
Thank God for the provision of Dr.Absolon
Thank God for the Lothrop's extended family...
Thank God for Randy's work being supportive and going to extra mile to serve the Lothrops..
Thank God for Children's, St. Judes, and the other amazing treatment facilities for children with cancer

Pray for:
Lizzy to be a Rapid Responder
Each and every blast to be destroyed
Catherine to feel better (She may feel better already!)
Insurance issues to be non-issues...
Wisdom for the medical staff
Protection for Lizzy against any secondary infections...
Rest and Respite for Randy and Christine and all....

Pls. consider joining TEAM GLITTER GIRL....wear orange tomorrow, and pray! (Last week there was even talk of orange finger nail polish!)



Maggatthha! (Maggiie!) said...



Harveys :) said...

Ill be wearinn my orange shirt for ya tomorrow lizzyy!
and ill try to find some nail polish like mags haha :P

Lovee you and can't wait to give you your GIANT cardd!
-Emma Marie

Andrea said...

I'll be wearing orange tomorrow! And orange finger nail polish ;)Continuing to pray for you and your family Liz! I love the staff at Childrens Hospital, and I continue to pray for them too. Take care!


The Etheringtons said...

I, too, am wearing orange nail polish!!!
What a beautiful photo of your extended family. Emma has "dibs" on the cute little blonde boy in front! Can you work on that "love connection?"

Mrs. Etherington

Cat said...

aw i love that pic of the fam so much!

grandpa L said...

Grandma & Grandpa have orange on already today, Liz. We're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow when we get back in town. With all our love --- Gma & Gpa L

Benjamin Parrish said...

I am one of Mrs. Etherington's students. You have been in my prayers and I hope that you get better soon.
Benjamin Parrish