Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's for real, we are home for thanksgiving!

Words cannot even express what Christine and I felt when doctors Jen Pope & Trent Hummel walked into are room at 1:45PM this afternoon to tell us to pack up our bags and go home for thanksgiving! Tears filled our eyes and streamed down our face, we hugged. The very thought of going home was for me the furthest thing from my mind!
I am writing you now from home! My youngest daughter is upstairs sleeping in her own bed! God has blessed the Lothrop family in so many ways! Your support and prayers have impacted us in ways that you will never comprehend, we are truly grateful. Everywhere we look we see God's ever present love, compassion and faithfulness and He shines through each of you!
Tonight, on the eve of Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for! I do firmly believe that God uses all things for good. One of my prayers has been that Liz and her diagnosis might somehow impact others to draw them closer to our Father and maker. I'd like to close this evening with an e-mail that I received this week. It does not need an introduction.

I just thought I would let you know that I start my day almost every morning reading The Glitter Girl Liz blog.
I know, I am one of the 4600+ who have visited this site which is AMAZING, but let me share one intimate detail relative to my daily visit.

I want you to know as a 32-year old father of two, who has recently accepted Christ (in September) & who is currently going through a very challenging personal time (no need to explain now), I have found inspiration in your daughter Liz & the rest of your family. THANK YOU. Amongst the many personal matters I pray about each night, I pray for Lizzy's continued strength & recovery. She is amazing & has made a huge impact on my life.

God bless you Coach, your family & Lizzy,

P.S. And, I am taking my girls to father-daughter camp someday... I can not wait!


pskizzle said...

You got me all kinds of pumped! This is a very thankful day indeed! God bless your entire family!

Mr. Reutter said...


What a wonderful day for your family. Your family has been an inspiration to all of us. The power of prayer is truly amazing. Enjoy this wonderful time with your family and we will be praying for you.

Jay and Jill Reutter

Cindy Dodson said...

Adam's e-mail was truly inspiring -- brought a tear to my eye. The Lothrop family's crisis has had a ripple effect throughout this community and beyond in ways you will never know. Your strength and faith and Liz's example has sent a wonderful message to so many, myself included. Wish I could hug you all right now! I am so, so, extremely and wonderfully happy for you all! What a Thanksgiving to remember!
With Love and Thanksgiving,

Andrea said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! I am so happy for you and your family, Liz. I hope you have a blessed, and really happy Thanksgiving.


The Quigleys said...

Hi Lizzy!!

The Quigley's from NJ wanted to send you some love and wish you a happy Thanksgiving! We are so happy that you are able to be home with your family on this special day. We love you and are thinking of you always!
Tana, Beth & Gene Quigley

Kim said...


Happy Thanksgiving! We are so excited that you are home. Liz you have amazing strength and courage and your smile is contagious. Keep smiling:) Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Have a great day!

Kim & Jami Pfeifer

grz said...

I'm so happy you got to go home for Thanksgiving:) That is great!!!! I hope you had a very good day. Keep praying