Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good Morning!

I wanted to take a quick minute to paint a picture, and give you a "feel" for the the atmosphere surrounding the Lothrops this past week. I may have some of the details confused, but I think these stories are pretty accurate...

Nothing medical here...just a couple stories:

1) Three nights in a row Randy experienced God in a unique way. The first 2 nights he was either in the lobby, or the small kitchen in the pantry - I am not sure which, and it doesn't really matter! Each night he was approched by people he did not know asking if was Randy Lothrop. Each person introduce themselves, saying they had gotten wind of Lizzy's illness, and each offered to pray for her...(One guy actually has a child on the same unit, and was going to meet up with Randy later in the evening to pray together.) On the third night, I believe it was at the elevator, a young man, who was actuallly getting on the elevator, recognized Randy and immediatly got off the elevator. I think he is a student, or a sports friend Randy knew from a few years back. This gentleman had been diagnosed with cancer a few years back, and was doing very well. Of course, this was encouraging for Randy, and makes me remember that our Lord is Omnipresent...Everywhere, All the time...On elevators, in small kitchens on the oncology unit of Childrens hospital!

2) It took me awhile to put the pieces together on this one, but when I finally "got it," I was STUNNED! The other night Randy was just sharing about what had happened that day...Olive Garden was mentioned, and the young lady who so cheerfully cleaned the floor last week was mentioned...and I finally said..."I'm lost...are you saying you served dinner to the staff?" Well, that is Exactly what happened! As this unfolds I learn that Randy has a brother in Florida who wanted to do something for Lizzy and Co. So, although his brother could not be there, he hosted an Olive Garden dinner for the staff on the oncology unit at Children's Hospital. These are people who have served the Lothrops these last 2 weeks...round'about SIXTY PEOPLE! So, picture Randy, and I am sure Aunts...grandma...Christine (Maybe...if she left the room!)...all in the lobby by the elevators serving Olive Garden to the oncology. I think every service was represented...housekeeping, administration, doctors, nurses...and the like! A sweet housekeeping lady had actually gotten off work a few hours before the dinner was to be served. She came back to join in with the others!

I just get choked up when I picture the Lothrops...who, obviously, are struggling right now...serving the staff...
I can't wrap my mind around it, and I can't even find words to describe it...but I know/believe that dinner, in the lobby,on the 5th floor of Children's hosptial , was Holy Ground....

3) So...picture this...Olive Garden left-overs...8:30pm...Lizzy's room...Randy, Christine, a teacher....and 2 Aunts and a Grandma with a walking cast on her leg....Aunts and Grandma gingerly sit down to enjoy the left-overs that they had just heated up...(Think an aroma of garlic filling the room...) So suddenly, Lizzy proclaims..."Yuck...what is THAT smell?'s making me sick....." (Can you hear the immediate intensity in her voice?!) Well, faster than you can blink, 2 Aunts and a Grandma (in a walking cast), all in the middle of enjoying one of their first bites of Olive Garden...spontaneously DUMP their plates of dinner in the Olive Garden bag, and somehow fly across the room and out the door...bag of dumped dinner in tow! They were out of there so fast...I didn't even see Grandma - in her walking cast, get out...I am certain she flew! Well, maybe this is one of those times when you just "had to be there"....but I hope you can picture it and "hear" the spontanous laughter that filled the room...(think belly laughs!)

4) Lastly, in reference to the picture of the BELIEVE sign that Lizzy is holding in the picture on the blog...those are Smarty Lollipops!!! (Just thougth you might need to know that bit of trivia as you start your day!)

Then the man said: "Lord, I BELIEVE...", and he worshiped Him. (John 9:38)

Please continue to Pray:
-Thank our Lord for the staff at Children's hospital
-Thank Him for the times of lightheartedness that envelope Lizzy's room
-Thank Him for being a God who is very real, and present...even, and always, when things are hard...
-Pray for: Catherine to feel better
That Lizzy's blast counts are rapidly dropping this very minute...and will continue to do so...
Minimal side effects of the chemo for Lizzy
Insurance issues to be a non-issue
Rest and respite for the Lothrops
...And that they will continue to experience God's presence in many unexpected, spontaneous ways..

Tuesday is an important day...wear orange...!

(Have I mentioned that we all need to get a flu shot, wash our hands and wear a mask to visit Lizzy?)



Kristi said...

Good Sunday Morning,

Wow what an awesome story about how god showed himeself through people to Randy... God is so good and so present always!! I was laughing so hard at the olive garden story..Lizzy was just mentioning the other day to me how the smell of garlic makes her sick so I had that pictured in my head OH NO!! Lothrops you are and amazing bunch serving during your time of need that is so uplifting and touching to hear but it doesn't surprise me your hearts are huge and we are all so blessed to know you and have you in our lives...we are all apart of you and we will be here to see you through this with love and prayers to lift you up...God Bless!!

much love,

Paige :) said...

it sounds like many things have been going on. a sky high list of people that love, support, and pray for you. a great story of serving olive garden and a funny story of when you were eating leftovers :) everytime i hear from you and read this blog i feel so uplifted. you inspire me very much. i love you and god loves you. keep smiling and stay strong.

<3 paige

Cindy Dodson said...

Great picture of mom and daughter! Wishing you all a great start to a new week -- one week closer to remission! We will all wear orange again on Tuesday. Hopefully, Brit can help Kyle find a less ugly shirt this week. But if not, he'll wear it for you anyway, Liz!
The Dodsons

The Etheringtons said...

How wonderful and comforting it is to read your posting on the blog. That photo of you is absolutely beautiful!
Thank you for allowing Maggie and I to come visit you on Friday. We are so blessed to have spent an hour of your day with you. I hope we didn't wear you out too much. We will be back soon!
A friend of mine, Carol Stone, is a wellness nurse at Children's Hospital. She gives massages to patients at the hospital. I spoke to her on Friday and ask if she could come by and give you a massage. She wanted me to let you know that she will be stopping by on Tuesday to give you a full-blown massage. She is an amazing lady. You will love her! I hear she gives the best massages. Enjoy!
We continue to ask God for your peace, comfort, and healing power!
Take care!

Mrs. Etheringon

Max and Maddie Family said...


God will be with you every step of the way and will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. YOU can do it! Keep the faith!
The Millers
Tom, Jackie, Max and Maddie

Avra Joffe said...

Hi Lizzie!
My name is Avra and I was in your dad's math class last year. He might have mentioned to you that my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) on June 20, 2006. She went through a lot of hospitalizations and chemo. She's doing really well now and has been cancer free for close to two years!! My family and I think of you constantly and are always sending our positive thoughts and energy your way =) We know that with all the prayer, your positive attitude and fighting spirit you're already on the road to recovery. You have the biggest most beautiful smile in all of your pictures! Stay strong and positive
Avra and the Joffe family

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,

I know you don't know us, but we go to your church. We are so saddened to hear about your illness. We know this for sure with all that we have been through: there is a God
and He is good.

Please, please hang in there. I can't imagine what you are going through, but in those moments when you feel like you can't do this anymore: Be still and know He is

We just found out today that you are in the hospital. We will be praying for you from this moment until we know you are well. Also, please let your parents and family know, we live 15 minutes from Childrens. They can move in or crash here whenever they need to. We sincerely mean that. Have them call us at 859-485-1738. Get well soon. Dave and Melinda Kisker