Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good morning!
I wanted to get back to you about a few ways that God is revealing himself to The Lothrops:

-On election day, Randy was in line to vote, and talked to a neighbor who was also in line. Someone overheard their conversation, and soon there were many people chiming in. When people realized Randy was Lizzy's dad, they connected the dots...Many had heard of Lizzy's illness and were telling Randy that they were praying and that their child, who did not even know Liz, was wearing orange to school the next day! VERY COOL!

-The teachers at Randy's school are pooling their sick days to give to Randy so he can be with Liz as needed without worrying about his income...AMAZING..

-Christine received a check from her peers at Comair. She was shocked, and grateful. AWESOME!

-There are many practical ways that family and friends have gifted the Lothrops...time, gifts, needed items,... LOVING!

When I think about these gifts, and many more, and put an adjective to the actions...I realize that each and every adjective describes God. God is revealing himself through people. Each and every one of us, and so many we do not know...even around the world... are serving the Lothrops in big ways and in small ways...and each and every action is a reflection of God's love for the Lothrops...and in essence a reflection of God's love for each of us. Aren't WE blessed when we hear of an act of generosity or kindness? And...not just for the Lothrops, but to people in general....

On a side note...When I was in nursing school, I wrote a paper on the Out of Pocket Expenses that families who have children with cancer can incur...
Even with terrific insurance, there are SO many unexpected expenses. I remember one family had gotten their child a fan for their room, and I remember thinking about the burden these families Carry in that they want to do everything possible to keep their child comfortable...things like parking, gas, clothing that works, food, child care, wigs, entertainment for the child, long distance phone calls, travel expenses for out of town family, co-pays...
When Christine received that check from her work, even I was grateful b/c I remember watching families struggle with this burden.

The other night Christine and Randy were struggling with sending out Thank You notes. They were feeling overwhelmed about how to get out Thank You's to all the people who have reached out to them. Well, I quickly "kabashed" that burden! I told her that in NO WAY are people expecting a note...And I was thinking about it, and I realize that we all feel thankful every time we hear of an act of kindness of generosity...we feel thankful that we CAN serve our friends...we experience thankfulness when we even get a simple update on Lizzy's blog...because that keeps us connected...

So, let me stand in the gap and ask you to not expect any kind of personal Thank You's from the Lothrops...( I know you weren't anyway... And lets embrace the gifts of service, loves, Prayers, and gifts as a thank-you to each other....(There you go Christine...problem solved...let it go!!!!!)

Lastly, as I talked to Christine last night, she told me that Lizzy's spinal and bone marrow aspiration tests were not back yet...I actually think she said...and I quote " This is taking even longer than hospital time!" (Think irritated...)

Lizzy was not feeling well, her neck was hurting. One of the side effects of the chemo is "aches and pains"....yes, the literature actually uses those words...finally words we can understand!

Lizzy and Christine both got a 3 hour nap yesterday, yet Christine sounded weary. They are up multiple times a night getting Liz to the potty (she is on IV fluids to flush the chemo through), or for night sweats...etc...They have not had a full nights sleep since Liz went into the hospital..and this is Day 10...

Additionally, I believe the adrenaline from this crisis is evening out, and the weariness will set in...
So, when you go and visit..pls. continue to remember that they may just need time to rest...
At some point Christine and Randy may limit visits to 15 minutes or so...I know we can all understand that, and applaud their efforts at self-care.

This season will be a long marathon, many times up-hill...we need to help them pace themselves!

What to Pray for:
Thankfulness for the ways God is revealing himself to the Lothrops and to each of us
For Liz to be a Rapid Responder
For minimal side effects for Liz
For rest, peace and respite for the Lothrops
For her cat scan to come back with no bleeds (she is having painful headaches.)



KHellman said...

Hey Liz,
We've never met but I went to sycamore, have talked to your dad who by the way is what I hear an amazing teacher lol and very nice guy! and my sister is very close with your cousins. I just wanted to let you know my family and I are praying for you and your family daily and think about you all the time! From what I've read and heard you are a very loving and strong individual who I know will fight through this rough time! You have so many people on your side that care for you so much and who are huge supporters of you! I think it is awesome all the things people are doing to help out such as your moms work and the teachers at Sycamore helping out your dad and everyone wearing orange! I don't know if you have heard it or not but the song "Just Stand Up" is an amazing and uplifting song that I would suggest downloading or listening to when you're feeling down. Stay strong girl you will get through this!
Katie Hellman

grz said...

God is everywhere. I see it every day too. I know he is with you always. just belive in him and good things will happen:)
love, emily

Anna* said...

Hey babe! I have a story for you. today in life skills, we discussed a community service project for the childrens hospital (im not going to tell you what it is. mine will be for you!) i asked my teacher if i could make sure that my project got to a friend of mine in the hospital. her initial response was a no, we are doing this in january, she won't be in the hospital then. then i explained about you and how you had leukimia. this brought up a whole new topic about a girl named jessica elam. i had known that she had had cancer but this is what i didnt know. in 4th grade, doctors found a tumor in jessicas brain. the sugery had cost close to 1,000,000 dollars. ever since she has been battling cancer and at the moment is having chemotheray. i dont personally know jessica, but i brought up the idea of the bracelets to the class for her. well that eventually lead to a party that we are going to have for her when she can come back to school.
ever since 5th period, i have been thanking god that you didnt have the same cancer as jessica. im still praying for you all the time love! stay strong! ily! <3 anna*

The Etheringtons said...

Hey Liz!!

I love that photo of you with the teachers of Team Success!! I bet Mr. Wintz made you laugh a ton! That crazy guy!
I wanted to let you know that all my students at Hopewell Junior are praying for you, wearing orange for you and asking me daily how you are doing. Some of my students actually know you from volleyball, basketball, church, etc.
Maggie and I will be down tomorrow for a visit. We both can't wait to see you!
We continue to beg God daily for your recovery and thank him for your blessings.
Take care!

Mrs. Etherington

Anonymous said...

Hey lizzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about you. We are going to check wit Jo momma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol to see if we can come down soon to C-town/ the natti.
Tell Randy that Ta-Ta say hi haha.

Dylan, Tyler, Tracy, Steve, Gucci, Miss Kitty, and Bud

Maggatthha! (Maggiie!) said...

heygirlhey! haha Mr. Wintz is hilarious! haha there is not one day i go without thinking of you. i'm always praying and always thinking of your beautiful smile!! I got my flu shot tuesday so i am good to go to come and see you tomorrow. Just let me know if your still up to havving visitors tomorrow ! (: I love you and will be praying for you sosoosososososososo much!! (:


Cindy Dodson said...

Wishing the entire Lothrop family comfort, rest and peace. Praying for continued healing for Liz, favorable test results and minimal side effects. Hang tough everyone and believe!
The Dodsons