Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday update

I talked to Christine briefly this evening. The Drs. gave Lizzy a 4 hour pass, so she is going home to see her dog, house..etc...and then to Bone Fish Grill. Her ANC was good (The white blood cells that help fight infection), so the Drs. said this would be a good time to take a breather.

I am sure you have heard by now that Lizzy was not at zero today. Of course, the Lothops are dissapointed. Christine called me just a bit ago b/c she knew I was on my way down to the hopital... Except she wasn't there....and neither was Lizzy! Christine said she is on a strict restriciton for the next 4 hours to not talk about Lizzy's counts / treatment....etc... Apparently, Lizzy drew the line!

Chrisitine will call later, and I will make sure to update you on the follow-up details.

As we know, there is a provisional avenue for Plan B. Lizzy is still on Plan B, just for 2 weeks longer...which is a real bummer, but not a total change in plans.

We can all take comfort in the fact that we, nor Lizzy, nor The Lothrops are alone. God is, and will continue to be ever-present. He will carry us all through this valley, especially Lizzy and her famly. When I first started started on my journey with The Lord, I was confused at why it says in the Psalms to offer God "The sacrifice of praise..." Over the years I have come to understand that praising God can indeed feel like a sacrifice. Especially when things are hard.

Yet, let us join the Lothrops in knowing that, although this is hard...God IS good. We can offer Him the sacrifice of praise.
I encourage you to sing song of praise to God, even if it is just "Jesus Loves Me." (Or, Jesus Loves Liz!) God wants our hearts. He is big enough to take our grief and pain and confusion. We can be who we are / however we are with God. He is a God of peace and comfort.

And for those of us who fasted, or tried to fast....take comfort...God knows our hearts, that is the very most important!

Pray -
Offer the sacrifice of Praise!

More later!


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Kathy Denlinger said...

Hi Lizzie and Christine,
This is Kathy Denlinger, Kendra's mom. Kendra came home from school a few weeks ago and told me Lizzie was sick and that we needed to pray for her. She didn't remember what the illness was called, so about a week ago I tried to call you guys. When I got no answer, I called Bonnie Huesing and she told me of Lizzie's diagnosis. I got the info about her blog yesterday.
I don't think you know that we have been going through a similar situation. My son-in-law was diagnosed with ALL back in January. His started as lymphoma and upon finishing his first chemo regimen in July, he relapsed quickly and the cancer was then found in his spinal fluid. So his is considered leukemia now. He is now on his third chemo regimen, which he will finish in three weeks. Hopefully he will then be in remission and able to have a bone marrow transplant. They just found a match for a donor last Friday. So we are praising the Lord for the match.
So as we are praying for you, I would ask for your prayers for Kristen and Joel. They live in Muncie, IN and his treatments have been at IU Hospital in Indy. Joel has a blog site if you are interested. It is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/joelmartin

I'm glad you got out of the hospital, if only for a few hours. I'll be praying that you will be able to go home for an extended stay after the next two weeks. Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.