Sunday, November 30, 2008

A beautiful day!

Difficult to express in words what this weekend has been like for us! We have throughly enjoyed having our entire family home for thanksgiving weekend. We have alot to be thankful for!
Lizzy's new room, which has been created to be a safe haven for when her ANC's are low is complete! Hardwood floors, air purifier, no tables left unturned! We are ready for round two, Consolidation! The purpose of consolidation therapy is to kill any remaining leukemia. Consolidation therapy starts tuesday morning and lasts about 57 days. We are expected to be at Childrens for the first 2-4 days after the chemo Liz receives Tuesday morning.
Christine and I are SO thankful for the prayer support that you all have provided for us. It is SO evident, God has blessed us with your care.
Your cards, meals, comments on the blog, emails have supported us, lifted us up everyday! The night we came home our neighbors even had our neighborhood lit up with luminaries, it brought us to tears. Liz is refueled and ready to go!
I wanted to leave you tonight with a verse that a friend of Christine shared with her that really moves me. Hope it resonates with you as well.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, November 29, 2008


ANC's are something that we will be very tuned into these days. ANC is the real or actual number of white blood cells that a patient has to fight an infection. White blood cells are the part of the patients blood that work against possible bacteria, fungus, or viruses that may make the patient sick. A normal ANC is greater than 2,500. A safe ANC is greater than 1,000. After chemotherapy, a patient's ANC may drop low as 0. When the ANC drops below 500 , it is important that patient's remain away from crowds and people who have colds, flu, or runny noses. If a patients is in the hospital with ANC below 500, he will be placed in protective isolation (how we spent most of the last month). This is to protect the patient from being exposed to possible infections. Well...We are pleased to say that Liz was well above 600 when we left the hospital! She spent most of the last month at zero!!! Those numbers provided a whole lot of normalcy for her yeserday! Her friend Emma Harvey came over in the morning and they "hungout". Then she went to the movies with her sister Cathy. Liz then spent most of the afternoon with her brother and friend Andy out shopping and finishing with a little Subway! Interesting side note...both Cathy and Jim had very strict orders from their mom that they were not allowed to go anywhere where there were crowds so... Cathy and Liz choose a movie that no one else went to and Jim and Andy scouted out stores in the afternoon time where few people were shopping(a difficult thing to do yesterday!)and finished with a vacant Subway. I think they were perpard to "boxout" anyone that got within 10' of Liz! Haha

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's for real, we are home for thanksgiving!

Words cannot even express what Christine and I felt when doctors Jen Pope & Trent Hummel walked into are room at 1:45PM this afternoon to tell us to pack up our bags and go home for thanksgiving! Tears filled our eyes and streamed down our face, we hugged. The very thought of going home was for me the furthest thing from my mind!
I am writing you now from home! My youngest daughter is upstairs sleeping in her own bed! God has blessed the Lothrop family in so many ways! Your support and prayers have impacted us in ways that you will never comprehend, we are truly grateful. Everywhere we look we see God's ever present love, compassion and faithfulness and He shines through each of you!
Tonight, on the eve of Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for! I do firmly believe that God uses all things for good. One of my prayers has been that Liz and her diagnosis might somehow impact others to draw them closer to our Father and maker. I'd like to close this evening with an e-mail that I received this week. It does not need an introduction.

I just thought I would let you know that I start my day almost every morning reading The Glitter Girl Liz blog.
I know, I am one of the 4600+ who have visited this site which is AMAZING, but let me share one intimate detail relative to my daily visit.

I want you to know as a 32-year old father of two, who has recently accepted Christ (in September) & who is currently going through a very challenging personal time (no need to explain now), I have found inspiration in your daughter Liz & the rest of your family. THANK YOU. Amongst the many personal matters I pray about each night, I pray for Lizzy's continued strength & recovery. She is amazing & has made a huge impact on my life.

God bless you Coach, your family & Lizzy,

P.S. And, I am taking my girls to father-daughter camp someday... I can not wait!
Hi all!!

I received a call from Randy's dad, Mr. Lothrop just a bit ago. He called to let us know that LIZZY WENT HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to Mr. Lothrop, yesterday's report on the blasts were the preliminary findings. The final results came back today, and Lizzy's blasts are <1%!!!! (Guess those preliminary results aren't always what they're cracked up to be!)

We believe that means Lizzy will not have to have those 2 extra weeks of Induction Chemo therapy, and that she can go into the next phase which is Consolidation. My understanding is that Consolidation is when Lizzy will be inpatient for 3-4 days every 4 weeks or so.

I will update you with details as soon as I get them!

Philippians 4:4-11
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: REJOICE! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord IS near! Be anxious about nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, WITH THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the Plans I have for you," delcares the Lord,plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you," declares the Lord, "and will bring you back from captivity."

Thank you for your faithful prayers and friendship for Lizzy and the Lothrop family.
Let's keep praying, offering that "sacrifice" of praise, and thanking God for his perfect timing. (Even when things are hard!)

As Christine's mom said: "Have Turkey will travel!"....I'm thinking that means travel right over to Mason Ohio for Thanksgiving with Lizzy and her family! Thank you Lord!

Perfect song choice Sami!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday update

I talked to Christine briefly this evening. The Drs. gave Lizzy a 4 hour pass, so she is going home to see her dog, house..etc...and then to Bone Fish Grill. Her ANC was good (The white blood cells that help fight infection), so the Drs. said this would be a good time to take a breather.

I am sure you have heard by now that Lizzy was not at zero today. Of course, the Lothops are dissapointed. Christine called me just a bit ago b/c she knew I was on my way down to the hopital... Except she wasn't there....and neither was Lizzy! Christine said she is on a strict restriciton for the next 4 hours to not talk about Lizzy's counts / treatment....etc... Apparently, Lizzy drew the line!

Chrisitine will call later, and I will make sure to update you on the follow-up details.

As we know, there is a provisional avenue for Plan B. Lizzy is still on Plan B, just for 2 weeks longer...which is a real bummer, but not a total change in plans.

We can all take comfort in the fact that we, nor Lizzy, nor The Lothrops are alone. God is, and will continue to be ever-present. He will carry us all through this valley, especially Lizzy and her famly. When I first started started on my journey with The Lord, I was confused at why it says in the Psalms to offer God "The sacrifice of praise..." Over the years I have come to understand that praising God can indeed feel like a sacrifice. Especially when things are hard.

Yet, let us join the Lothrops in knowing that, although this is hard...God IS good. We can offer Him the sacrifice of praise.
I encourage you to sing song of praise to God, even if it is just "Jesus Loves Me." (Or, Jesus Loves Liz!) God wants our hearts. He is big enough to take our grief and pain and confusion. We can be who we are / however we are with God. He is a God of peace and comfort.

And for those of us who fasted, or tried to fast....take comfort...God knows our hearts, that is the very most important!

Pray -
Offer the sacrifice of Praise!

More later!


Leave No Doubt!!!

This will be our theme over the next two weeks. Doctors are not certain that they have killed all the cancer cells in Liz's bone marrow so they will most likely extend this initial high dose chemotherapy for an additional two weeks. Liz will then have another bone marrow aspiration at that time.
Fight the good fight Liz, LEAVE NO DOUBT!!!

Cut and paste the address below!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Awesome email from a former student of mine & some pictures from Kings JH! Girls that Liz played basketball against and soccer with organized the day!

Hi Mr. Lothrop! (and family)

I received word about Liz's diagnosis from Lauren Goedde. She forwarded me the e-mail that your neighbors sent out. I was heartbroken when I heard the news. I wondered how something so tragic could happen to someone so healthy and active. I meant to send an e-mail at the time, but honestly I didn't know exactly what to say. I tried thinking of the right thing to say, but I know there isn't really anything I could say to make things better. I just wanted to let you know that I think about and pray for Lizzy and your family every night.

I just spent the past hour or so reading the blog,looking at all the pictures and slide shows, crying, and smiling. I realized that I still hadn't sent an e-mail and felt awful about it. I know I have never met your daughter, but from reading everything and seeing the pictures, I can tell that she is such a positive, cheerful, strong, brave girl. I know that her amazing personality and outlook on life is helping her through this and will only make things better. It's so great to hear that she is able to keep such a positive attitude and see the glass half full through all of this. I don't know if I would be able to do the same. I also know that she has a wonderful family there for her to love and support her. I couldn't think of any other dad who would be better in a situation like this. You were always so encouraging, positive, and helpful in math class. And as important as Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc are in life (ccccllllllearly extremely important), this is much bigger than that. You taught us to SLAC(solve like a champ) and GIDLAC(get it done like a champ) and I know you are helping her do many things LAC.

It is really amazing to see all the support that Liz and your family is receiving. From reading the blog, I can tell that everyone from your closest friends and family to people you have never met in your life are thinking of Liz. I am sure all of that support is helping everyone stay positive. I can't even imagine what it must be like going through something like this, but I know your family will get through it together. It really makes me reevaluate "tough situations" in my life when I think about things like this.

I am glad to hear that Lizzy is doing pretty well. I will continue to pray for her and your family everyday. I know Tuesday is extremely important for her, and I wish and pray for the best. It is clear that God is with her and the rest of your family and I know he will continue to be throughout. I wish you all the best during this long, tough road. I know the holidays might be a little different than in the past, but I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Circumstances like this really open our eyes to what we are thankful for.

I'm praying for Liz and wish her and your family strength. :)

I hope everything else back in Cincinnati and at Sycamore is great. I miss it!

Paige Keefe

Good Morning from Deb!

I spoke to Randy and Christine tonight as they were at home preparing Liz's room, for her to come home. They want to be ready for when the Drs. say she she can go home....they can GO! The Drs. suggested taking up the carpet in Liz's room, and putting in hard wood. This will make her room easier to keep extra, extra clean and germ free. Of course, there is new paint, fun! Randy and Christine seemed to be having fun...laughing and cutting up. : ) They have put in a few really long days in preparation for when Liz can come home!

Randy and Christine just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. They went out to dinner while Catherine stayed with Lizzy. I popped down real quick to see them, but they were out. I told them not to worry, they were just my cover to see Liz anyway!

Christine mentioned in her blog...The battle cry is "ZERO, EL ZIPPO, NADA!" The hope, and prayer for this Tuesday, November 25th, is for there to be ZERO blasts. Christine noted that if we have never been nudged to get on our knees and cry out to God, this would be a good time to start! I might add to consider fasting. There is just something amazing about fasting. It is this unseen experience of petitioning our Lord, and praying without ceasing (At least for me...b/c when you are hungry it helps you to remember to pray...and I tend to be very hungry the whole time I am fasting!) I encourage you to fast and pray on Liz's behalf - a meal or two, a day, 2 will know what will work for you, but I want to encourage you to challenge yourself. Don't sell yourself short just b/c you feel hungry. I can only speak from experience. When I fast, I experience God as very close and real, and I end up having this bond with Him that is in-and-of-itself nothing short of amazing. For me, sometimes it is not until after I fast that I look back and get a glimpse of just how close God really is...but without exception, I always walk away from fasting in awe. In a nut shell - fasting helps us keep our focus on God, and on praying and on listening to Him...His still, small voice...his promptings...He will even acutally lead us in how to pray...GO FOR IT!!

As Mr.Locke mentioned in their note on Liz's blog:
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight." ( Proverbs 3:5-6 )

Regarding Thanksgiving...(How's that for a follow-up after a prompt to fast?!) Mr. and Mrs. Lothrop have told Randy and Christine... "Have Turkey will travel!" I love that! Liz should be about ready to come home, but she may still be in the hospital. The determining factor is her "counts." Her white blood cells need to be up enough to be able to resonably protect her from infection, and her platelets need to be up enough to protect her from bleeding (nose bleeds, gums bleeding). Her counts are going in the right direction, but she will be hit with more chemo on Tuesday, so we need to wait and see. So, if on Thanksgiving they are at Childrens...or if they are at home...Thanksgiving more ways than just turkey!

On Tuesday, the 25th, Liz will get a bone marrow aspiration, and a spinal. They are checking for blasts in her bone marrow, and spinal fluid...(Can you say/pray "ZERO, EL ZIPPO, NADA!" ) She will also get chemo IV & IT (intrathecally = via her spinal tap). Christine said that each week the preliminary results of blasts has been accurate, so she is thinking this week will be no exception. The results will be posted on the blog asap...promise!

Please continue to pray:
Thank God in faith for zero blasts and for minimal side effects for Lizzy. Thank Him for 21 years of marriage for Randy and Christine! Thank Him for all the ways He is revealing himself to the Lothrops and Co. Randy has mentioned that aquantainces, friends - old and new, and even people who do not even know the Lothrops are sharing how the Lothrops journey is bringing them closer to God...

Mr. Lothrop, Randy's dad has said ....
" And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Pray for: ZERO, EL ZIPPO, NADA blasts on Tuesday!

******Wear orange on Tuesday, get a flu shot, wear a mask & wash your hands when you visit, consider fasting for Lizzy's total and complete healing - as evidenced by NO blasts on Tuesday!******


Sunday, November 23, 2008

A note from someone Liz has never met, thanks Lorraine!

I wanted to send you a note letting you know that I am praying for you to become healed. Even though you have NO idea who I am, I feel like I know you just from the Blog. Your spirit SHINES through like the sun in the pictures and videos, and your smile inspires everyone! I worked with your dad at Sycamore, where I no longer work, but also played early morning games of basketball on Wed. & Fridays. Your dad is an amazing person and is always positive. I enjoyed working with him because he was never one to complain. After reading your blog, I'm finding this is the case for you...(unless you are hungry). I've heard about the new ipod and the gift cards, so I'm on the hunt. And every Tuesday, I'm trying to wear orange! I'm finding that I need to buy some more orange articles of clothing because I don't have enough! Hopefully I can find orange clothes, because I have this crazy feeling that EVERY store is sold out because you have SO many people supporting you with the battle! No worries...I will find some orange.

As you are probably thinking, "how can this lady write and she doesn't know me;) I really just wanted you to know I am praying for you! I believe very much in God, His strength, and ability to heal!

I have made it part of my day to read your blog, and I will continue to do that so I know what specifics I should pray for!
I want to thank you for the blog updates, your incredible spirit, your beautiful smile, and inspiration to love life and your belief in God! My three year old daughter loves your blog- especially your pictures. I am teaching her your name, and when I go to the website, she says..."How is Liz today?" She sees your smiling face and says, "She is happy today!"
Thanks for your inspiration!
With much prayer and love your way, we wish NOTHING more than a cure and you to have good health!
Sincerely, Lorraine Hartke

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hoops has prepared you well Liz!

Wanted to share an e-mail from the Sycamore coach that we battled with for three years in the select basketball ranks...I have always had a very healthy respect for Bill; we coached our tails off when we played against them but when it was all said and done we were just two dads who wanted to build into our daughters and their teammates and teach life lessons through a game; the game of basketball!
Can you believe a Sycamore family is blogging someone from Mason - what are we thinking?! All kidding aside, Liz, we understand you’re in a battle way bigger than basketball. So sorry to hear about your illness.

Fight this thing with every ounce of effort you’ve got. Run the race until you’ve won. Find something extra that leads you to victory…like you do every time Mason plays Sycamore in basketball! (we know it isn’t the coaching).

One more thing. Just know we are praying for you. We’re asking God for your complete healing and total recovery. We know He’ll give you strength, and that you’ll be back on the court competing again soon. One of our favorite verses is Proverbs 3:5-6. Hopefully it gives you extra strength, peace, and confidence.

Hannah and Bill Locke

Liz update

I thought I would send a note of encouragement out to everyone regarding Elizabeth. She has been in great spirits over the past several days. We are looking forward to Tuesday, her hugh day, and having ZERO blasts left in her bone marrow. Please, if you have not ever fallen on your knees to pray, this would be a wonderful time to start. We Lothrop's sure are needy on prayers!

One real encouragement is that her platelets are on the rise. She had gone from 31,000 to 40,000, and now today up to 53,000 all on their own. Platelets are the clotting agent in your blood and the normal range is 135,000-466,000. She has a long way to go but they are headed in the right direction for the first time. All due to the prayers and medical staff God has put before us. Elizabeth's white blood cell count is .2 and the normal is 4.5-5.10, we won't go there yet. This is the infection fighting cell, the ones that got us into trouble in the first place and are still causing us grief. Her RBC (red blood) is 8.6 and remains steady with the normal range being 12.0-16.0. Liz's hemoglobin is at 8.6 and has remained around that number for the past several days too. This is her energy level (oxygen in her blood.) Her ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is at 40. This is the big infection fighter in your body.

Even though Elizabeth is doing very well appearance wise, and the ones who have been here to visit can attest to that, please remember that the battle is taking place on the inside. She is a fighter and a survivor but there is no way she can win this battle without the constant prayer from everyone and the true physician.

Please remember Tuesday the 25th is her 29th day of induction and one that is causing me a lot of anxiety and I am sure Elizabeth as well. Her BMA needs to show Zero blasts for her to continue on into the next phase which is called the Consolidation Phase. The Consolidation Phase will last 53 days with a seven day break before the next phase begins. Our life is all about phases :-). If she is not at zero they will give her another two weeks of Induction to try to reach zero; if she does not reach zero Elizabeth will go off treatment and into another type. BUT WE KNOW SHE WILL HIT ZERO, EL ZIPPO, NADA, ETC.....

So for now please continue to pray for:
Blasts to be at zero
Few effects from her BMA and spinal
Few effects from chemo (Vincristine, Daunorubinsin, and Methotrexate)
And for her spirits to continue to be so positive and upbeat

In His name,

Friday, November 21, 2008


Create your own FACEinHOLE

God is in the midst!

About a week ago we all watched the "Believe" video here on the blog. What you may not know is that video tribute to Liz was created by someone that we have never met!
I wanted to share an email exchange that I had with the maker of the video. God is good:

From: Randy Lothrop []
Sent: Wed 11/19/2008 7:11 AM
To: Steve Gallagher
Subject: Heart felt thanks!

Steve, What a blessing you have been to our family! I love to explain
to people who made that awesome video! People are amazed that someone
that has not even met our family would take the time to invest in such
a treasure for us! Steve I am convinced that God has placed angels
along this path since Liz's diagnosis, and you are without a doubt one
of them! Thanks for allowing God to use you in such a special way!
God bless, Randy Lothrop

To: Randy, Christine, Little Liz & your entire Loving Family,

God Bless you for your kind words & thoughts; we all hope & pray Liz is getting better, as we think about her & your family's challenges everyday. As to the Video, I am sure you like all good Christians certainly know the thanks & the credits belong entirely to God. As to the never-ending evidence of God's involvement in our lives & along "The Path" you described since Liz's diagnosis; these events are witnessed so often anymore, that there is no other explanation but "Devine Intervention". Permit me to something right out of the "6-Degrees of Seperation"..(Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is an average of six "steps" away from each person on Earth.) Anyway, this began (1) With a challenge from a recent sermon by our Minister at (4 Corners) Church to do something totally anonoumously for someone we do not yet know. (2) The following Tuesday during a weekly noon time prayer group session at work, your family friend & my fellow Dept Manager, Annette Reed (wearing her orange of course); ask the group to say a special prayer for Liz, WOW...(3) After some further discussion & a visit to your fabulous Blog-Site & could not believe my eyes for all the out pouring of love, care, concern & most of all Little Liz's courage.. (4) The real genesis of the video
came as I just happened to hear that song (Believe) the very next day, (another Non-Coincidence) (5) This lead me to ask Annette if it were possible to get anymore photos about Liz & Family & she obliged with additional photo bucket loads from her files & from her daughter. The rest as this say is HIS-STORY, Praise God! On behalf of my Family & friends, our Church, many who are now just learning about Liz & our fellow workers at Performance Automotive, we all are Praying for Liz, for you, for your wife & your entire family. It is apparent that God has you placed you guys here for Liz, & for you to show the rest of us what Good Strong, Courageous, Christian Parents look like & how to remain strong when faced with a challenge...
God Bless You,
Steve & Linda Gallagher
West Chester, Oh

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thousand origami cranes!

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury.
So that is exactly what 7th grade team journey at Mason middle school did!!! We all enjoyed having Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Hawks visit! I can't imagine any school, any where that would have more teachers be more supportive then Mason schools have been for Liz!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK this takes the cake!

Two of Liz's former six grade teachers, Karen Turner & Lindsey Budde not only stopped by to visit with Liz but also took part in her physical therapy exercises. That is truly above and beyond, true teacher dedication! Greg Sears give these girls a raise! They may be a little sore tomorrow. Take it easy on them Team Success!

"Love for Liz" bake sale at Sycamore High School!

Sycamore students Kelsey Malof & Sara Lindsay led the charge! Love for Liz bake sale! It was a tremendous success! THANK YOU SYCAMORE!!! Press to play slide show!

Day 23, November 19th

I have not had the chance to get to the hospital, but did finally get to talk to Christine tonight. Liz seems to be doing very well. The nurses and doctors are all amazed. Lizzy's ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) has had a few peaks. The ANCs are the good cells that we like to see. Although, as Christine said, Lizzy's ANC will be back to zero tomorrow, it is encouraging b/c her body is trying to make the good cells. ( The ANC will be back down b/c of the chemo killing all of the bad cells...and the good cells get hacked in the process too.)

Lizzy got chemo today. (It is Tuesday ya know! Did you wear your orange?) This time she received 2 IV meds. She does not like to get chemo b/c it makes her tired. Actually, I think it is the pre and post meds that make her tired. The ones to prevent nauseau etc...

It is also a drag b/c just when Lizzy starts to feel better, around Friday...after her Tuesday chemo...she only has a few days of feeling good until she gets hit with more chemo, and that brings her right back down for a few days. She is not digging that so much! Her hard days seem to be Tuesday - Friday, and her good days seem to be Friday - Monday.

Lizzy's walls are COVERED with cards. Each and every wall...minimal white space...!! Christine said the Doctors and nurses pop in just to read the cards!

Lizzy has not had a headache this time. She did not have a spinal...which tends to lead to a that in itself makes it a good week! Additionally, word has it that Lizzy gets grouchy when she is hungry... that prednisone really increases your appetite! So, make sure you visit right after lunch or dinner! ; )

Next week, November 25th, (Day 29), Lizzy will have another bone marrow aspiration, and spinal. They are looking for ZERO blasts. If, by some small chance she does have blasts, she will get 2 extra weeks of high dose chemo, and they will check her marrow and spinal fluid again. If needed, there is a "Plan C." It would be great though, if we could stay with the current Plan B!

So...picture THIS: Randy and Christine popped out of the hospital together a few days ago. They ran errands..etc...and decided to get a car wash. They went to Shell...(Not the Mr. Clean Car Wash, I might add...since my husband was on the team that got The Mr. Clean Car Wash off the ground)...Anyway...there they are...enjoying a nice little car wash when.....YIKES....the car wash got stuck...with Randy and Christine's car inside the car wash...with Randy and Christine inside the car!!!! Can you imagine....?! So $1,500 of damage later, they are going through the process of getting estimates etc. (Of all things...)....Christine said she thinks she will just stay at the hospital from now on!

Regarding the Lothrops, Christine acknowledged that they all seem to do well when Lizzy is doing well, and visa-versa....They are tired, but seem to find joy and peace in the little things. It is amazing...there is crisis all around them...even within their own room, and yet they continue to be real, and transparent...they continue to seek God for their peace, and comfort...and they continue to invite us on this journey with them...Even when it is hard...

Please Pray:
Thank God for the glimpses or ANC's that we see. Thank him that Catherine is feeling better and can now come see Lizzy. Thank him for small distractions...even it they include getting the car trashed in a car wash....Thank him for the opportunity to expereince Him on this journey with the Lothrops....

Pray for: Zero blasts on the 25th, for minimal side effects of the chemo, for rest and respite for The Lothrops, and for God to reveal himself in Lizzy's healing!

A few reminders:
Wear orange on Tuesday...get our flu shots...wash our hands...wear a mask...know that when we visit, we may just need to leave a note if The Lothrops are resting...and let us not forget to bring food...just in case Lizzy is hungry!!!

But most of all...remember...God's word is a lamp unto our feet...He will lead us each and every step at a time...we can depend on Him!
Fear is not from God...God is a god of peace...even, and especially in uncertain times. When we feel fear...we need to push that away, and accept God's peace, peace that passes understands....

Phillipians 4:4-11....


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 21, November17th

Good evening! Been a while since we have updated you on Lizzy's progress. Our highlight has been the return of Liz's sister Cathy!!! She spent just about the entire day Sunday with Liz! Christine and I actually left the hospital together! First time since October 24th! Liz's spirits continue to be nothing shy of amazing! She has had a steady stream of friends and we know so many of you continue to lift her up in prayer. THANK YOU! I have come to realize that my most important role is to retrieve Lizzy's next craving, as the steroids that she is on (part of the chemotherapy) creates quite an appetite.
On the lighter side, I thought I would share a funny video that I came across today(Lizzy is going to kill me)... ENJOY, Randy

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The outpouring of people supporting you Liz!

Free Counters

Free Counter

Day 17, November 13th

Good afternoon!

I have some very good, encouraging news: = )

Regarding Lizzy and Rapid Responder -VS- Slow Responder:
Dr. John visited with the Lothrops yesterday...Randy, Christine and Lizzy. He made a strong point, and wanted to be sure The Lothrops, and especially Lizzy, understand that he is not discouraged. As a matter of fact he is very ENCOURAGED by the progress Lizzy is making. According to Dr. John, the terms Rapid Responder and Slow Responder are irrelevent. He said we might as well say Plan A, and Plan B. The point is...if Lizzy's marrow responds one way, we go with Plan A, and if it responds another way, we go with Plan B. There is actually a Plan C too, if needed.

Dr. John wanted to be very clear...Lizzy's marrow has made amazing progress in only 2 weeks...From 95% blasts to 20% blast is a huge drop. Her marrow IS responding to treatment. It is going in the right direction. We are to be encouraged and look at the glass as "half full" as opposed to "half empty". He made a point of telling Lizzy that he has treated many patients with ALL, and he has seen excellent results. As a matter of fact, 3 of his pediatric patients from years ago are now a doctor, judge and lawyer...( So, let's all dream about how God will guide Lizzy as she goes into her future...hmmm...this could be fun...maybe an olympic volleyball player who is the Poster Girl for THE CURE of ALL!....Her smile alone can move mountains!)

As I visited a little with Randy and Christine, I could see that they are tired. Yet, there was a hope and peace that passes understanding. I asked them..."How can I represent you in the updates that I send out." Their response was amazing...without a second thought they said: "We are an open book, we are transparent...we want people to know about our faith, and that we get our strength and hope from God. We do not know what each day will bring, but we do know that we are not alone, and that God is with us, and loves us, and loves Lizzy."

As I reflected on this, Psalm 119: verse 105 came to my mind..." Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light for my path." And I remembered a teaching that I had heard years ago...Why do we need a lamp on our feet? Because God leads us one step at a time...and we need His Light to show us the next step.

As Randy noted, we are on a path, we do not know what each day will bring, but we can rest assured that we are not alone, and that God is leading each of us, and the day, one step, at a time. And I then remembered another teaching I had heard years ago...something to the effect of: Why doesn't God just show us the whole, big picture....and the thought was that ...with a step at a time, we realize we need God...if we had the whole big picture, then we probably wouldn't be as likely to seek Him...

So, in a nut encourged! Consider God's provision on this journey...In Joshua 1:5 He promises..." ...I will never you, nor forsake you!"

Next steps for Lizzy: Tuesday, November 18th, Lizzy will recieve her next many doses of chemo. These will be IV. Then on Day 29, November 25th, she will have another Bone Marrow, and Lumbar puncture. Day 29 is the last day of induction (phase one of treatment), and we are shooting for 0% blasts! (She will also get chemo that evening.)

Looks to me like Tuesday is Orange Day..Lizzy day!!! ...In the future Tuesday will also be her clinic day for outpatient chemo...(and some Fridays too)...

The Lothrops are grateful for your support, and your prayers:
Thank God for Dr. John's experienced perspective and for a treatment protocol that is very hopeful. Thank him for the staff at Children's, and for Lizzy being protected from any 2ndary infections. Thank him for the resturants, and the gift cards..Lizzy is enjoying the vast selection. ( Quick side note...Lizzy was dozing yesterday, and Mr. Lothrop asked Christine if she wanted him to get her something to eat...Well, Lizzy's eyes pop open, and she gets this cute smile on her face..." I'm in!" Thank God for his daily, unquestionable, presence room 45, 5th floor, Children's hospital...

Pray for 0% blasts asap, and especially by November 22nd. For continued protection from 2ndary infections, and uncomfortable side effects. For, Catherine to feel better so she can come to see Lizzy. Pray for rest and respite for the Lothrops, and for God's continued peace to envelope them...

The Lothrop's hope is that you would be encourged, and that as you walk this path with them, you would experience God, right along-side them...


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clearly Sarge is stopping shy of nothing to bust out the Orange in support of Liz!!!

Evening Day 14, November 11th

Hi all...

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present our requests to God. And the PEACE of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus." Phillipians 4:6-7.

I just received a text from Christine. Lizzy's blast count was 20%, not the 5% or < than we had all hoped...

Going forward, as I understand it, will include extra chemo, and radiation on down the road. When the doc's first presented this option 2 weeks ago, they noted that pts. who are slow responders have done better with, not only the extra chemo, but the radiation too.

Yes, this is quite a blow, and the extra treatment will mean more potential hard side effects...
Yet, let us not grow weary in praying for, and encouraging our friends.

This stage, and these results are not new in field of pediatric oncology ...
There has been a provisional plan since Day 1....

I take comfort in knowing that others have traveled this path before Lizzy, and they have helped forge the way for us to know the next steps to take...

I take more comfort in knowing, without a doubt, that we are not on this path alone. God IS with Lizzy, Randy,

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I put my hope. My soul waits for the Lord....
...Put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love..." Psalm 130: 6-7

More tomorrow, after I talk to the Lothrops...
And more clarification on next steps after I make sure I understand them...(at least mostly understand them!)

Please pray:
Thank God, that even in this dissapointing season, He is present. Thank him for the medical break-throughs He has purposed...Thank him, in faith, for Lizzy's total and complete healing.

Pray for peace that passes understanding...for the Lothrops, and for us. Pray that our faith would be strengthed, and that our trust in God would not be diverted. Pray for Catherine's healing...Christine took her to the Dr. today for her bronchitis. Pray for wisdom and discernment for the medical team treating Lizzy. Pray that Lizzy would be totally and completely healed. Pray for minimal side effects, and for no 2ndary infections for Lizzy...

More tomorrow -

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Leap of Faith!

Yeah, that's right, this picture is Liz! As many of you know this past summer Liz and I went to a father-daughter camp together in northern California. Right from the start we were involved in activities that were designed for us to confront our fears and place our trust in God!
This telephone pole was 50 feet high! We had to climb to the top(as it waved in the wind), balance ourselves on a small platform, and then leap up and out to a trapeze bar that was 7 feet out and 7 feet up!
After a brief explanation and strapping on our harnesses our instructor asked for a volunteer! As my knees trembled in fear I focused on ducking behind people so I wouldn't be chosen! At the same time my daughter jumped to the front and said, "I'll go first", with a huge smile draped from ear to ear! Without hesitation I watched Liz climb to the top of that pole, hoist herself up on the small platform, squat down in an athletic posture and throw her long, lanky body up and out extending her arms as her hands clinched on the bar! I was amazed for a moment and then almost instantaneously I was scared because I knew that if my own daughter could do this then certainly I was expected to follow!
I share this story with you because it shouldn't surprise me that Liz has confronted the reality of her cancer with the same faith, hope and trust in God. She inspires me to pursue His perfect will!
My daughter's faith has deepened mine!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Orange Tuesday!

As I write it is the evening before Day 15 for Lizzy. (November 10th) In this first phase of induction she has 2 weeks down...and only 2 more to go! She is 1/2 way through induction...! I was able to pop down quickly today, and I walked into a room full of love... I'm telling you...Lizzy was receiving an awsome foot massage, there were out of town guests...aunts, cousins, friends...there were Christine's parents, and there were no less than 5 staff people who popped in ..."Just to join the party!" The doctor, the physical therapist, a few nurses... And the comments...."You are the most popular person on the unit!", "I heard there is a party in here...!" It seemed to be a joyful, peaceful, love filled time. All this, after, from what I hear was a "Girls night" last night...movies, aunts, friends... One can't help but wonder what is different / room 45...5th floor...Children's hospital... Lizzy was chipper, eating a nice big lunch...smiling, and talking...being herself...beautiful! She was out and about on the unit this w/e...walking the halls... The Doctors are amazed that she has the stamina that she does... They have cautioned that she will be tired, grouchy, irritable.. But nope...not Lizzy! Lizzy said the staff mentioned that she was an athlete. She is strong, and in great shape. They said that is contributing to how well she is doing. You go girl! Lizzy did get platelets over the w/e, and again today. Platlets are the clotting factors in the blood. She had a slight nose bleed...her platelets were 27K. They like to keep them at 50K or above, but will let them drop a bit if she is not having problems, or having an invasive procedure. Christine noted that Lizzy's ANC count was up. ANC = absolute neutrophil count. The neutrophils are the good blood cells produced by the bone marrow. Although they will be wiped out again tomorrow with the chemo, it is encouraging to see her body wanting to do the right thing! The night sweats continue...Lizzy is pretty adept at just matter-of-factly keeping a few extra sheets by the bed at night...and using fresh ones when she needs to... Christine noted Lizzy's pattern seems to be consistent: Tuesdays (Chemo day) - through Saturday morning...she is tired and achy...Then she pops back usually Saturday afternoon - Monday... Over the w/e Lizzy's leg was aching...probably due to the IM meds she recieved in each leg last week. She got pain meds for that, and Christine said she was back to herself within 15 minutes! Tomorrow (Or today, depending on when you read this...)...11/11 - Lizzy will have a Bone Marrow Aspiration at 7am. Preliminary results should be back later in the day. Of course, the samples will be sent to a lab for specific details, and those result should be back on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening Lizzy will again get hit with 2 different, strong doses of chemo. This will be the third time she has had these specific meds. I see on the schedule that she is also scheduled for IT chemo...(spinal = intrathecal = IT)...but I think Christine said she was not having a spinal, so I will check on that. At any rate, last week she had a REALLY bad headache...probably due to the if she does have the spinal, she will get meds to help alleviate that. I gotta admit, regarding the medical info...I am getting a quick refresher, and some of my info may be a bit off...but I know it is at least close enough to help us all stay on the same page! Today, Christine was even explaining things to me! Soon we will be consulting our resident Dr. in training...Dr. Mom...aka Christine! Word has it that Catherine, Lizzy's sister, is still not totally over her bronchitis. It has been WAY too many days since she has been able to see Lizzy... Rumor on the streets is that there is NO orange finger nail polish to be found in Butler or Hamilton County... You have AMAZING friends Lizzy! Here we go...we find ourselves on day 15 petitioning our Lord for Lizzy's total and complete healing... Please pray: Thank God- For ALL the love and support for the Lothrops The stamina and peace He has given Lizzy For the massage therapists, nurses, PT, OT, teachers liasons, and doctors....that are serving Lizzy... Thank God, in faith, for Lizzy's total and complete remission, and healing... Pray for: 5% or less blasts in Lizzy's bone marrow on Tuesday Catherine's healing Rest and respite for Christine...especially Wear orange on Tuesday!!! Deb

Nothing like family :-)

Good morning!
I have not had chance to touch base with Christine to see how Lizzy did over the w/e. I will talk to her later and send you a medical update.

But, of course, I have a few thoughts to share with you!

A friend recently asked me about St. Judes. As we all know, St. Judes is an amazing hospital that specializes in pediatric oncology.

Although St. Judes is considered (rightly so) to be one of our nations top treatment centers for pediatric oncology, I want to assure you that I believe Lizzy is exactly where God has her...on the 5th floor, room 45, Childrens Hospital, Cincinnati!

Here are a few specifics to put my thoughts in context...

As God would have it, Dr. Absolon, Lizzy's primary oncologist, is a veteran oncology expert, who previously had worked...for 10 years or more, at St. Judes. (So basically, God brought St. Judes to Lizzy!) Additionally, as I understand it, the treatment at this stage, for Lizzy's diagnosis of ALL (Acute lymphatic leukemia), is the same throughout oncology treatment centers. So, in essence, going to St. Judes is a non-issue b/c they would be doing the same thing Childrens is doing! (Not to mention Dr. Absolon is already here!)

Remember, if one were to get leukemia, ALL is the best type to have b/c it usually responds very well to treatment. The other, most common type, is AML, acute myelocytic leukemia. Although AML is treatable, it does not respond as well. (Did you ever think you would be thanking God for ALL?....)

I will never forget the first night Lizzy was in the hospital. The nurse that had been serving the Lothrops all day, on a 12 hour shift, and was getting ready to go home. She was to be off for the next few days. Before the she left for the night (much later than she was suppose to I might add)...she made a point of popping into Lizzy's room...encouraging her, and as she left she left she gave a little more encouragement...sort of like a cheerleader..."We're all hoping for ALL!" ... I thought to myself...this is not just another hospital...this is a very special place, with very special people working here.

(By the way the difference b/w ALL and AML is the type of massive, immature white blood cells that the marrow is producing...)

So, be encouraged! Yes, this is marathon. There will be alot of ups and downs...yet, we can see how God has provided for Lizzy even before we knew there was a need.

Tomorrow is a very important day...

Please continue to pray:
Thank God for the provision of Dr.Absolon
Thank God for the Lothrop's extended family...
Thank God for Randy's work being supportive and going to extra mile to serve the Lothrops..
Thank God for Children's, St. Judes, and the other amazing treatment facilities for children with cancer

Pray for:
Lizzy to be a Rapid Responder
Each and every blast to be destroyed
Catherine to feel better (She may feel better already!)
Insurance issues to be non-issues...
Wisdom for the medical staff
Protection for Lizzy against any secondary infections...
Rest and Respite for Randy and Christine and all....

Pls. consider joining TEAM GLITTER GIRL....wear orange tomorrow, and pray! (Last week there was even talk of orange finger nail polish!)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good Morning!

I wanted to take a quick minute to paint a picture, and give you a "feel" for the the atmosphere surrounding the Lothrops this past week. I may have some of the details confused, but I think these stories are pretty accurate...

Nothing medical here...just a couple stories:

1) Three nights in a row Randy experienced God in a unique way. The first 2 nights he was either in the lobby, or the small kitchen in the pantry - I am not sure which, and it doesn't really matter! Each night he was approched by people he did not know asking if was Randy Lothrop. Each person introduce themselves, saying they had gotten wind of Lizzy's illness, and each offered to pray for her...(One guy actually has a child on the same unit, and was going to meet up with Randy later in the evening to pray together.) On the third night, I believe it was at the elevator, a young man, who was actuallly getting on the elevator, recognized Randy and immediatly got off the elevator. I think he is a student, or a sports friend Randy knew from a few years back. This gentleman had been diagnosed with cancer a few years back, and was doing very well. Of course, this was encouraging for Randy, and makes me remember that our Lord is Omnipresent...Everywhere, All the time...On elevators, in small kitchens on the oncology unit of Childrens hospital!

2) It took me awhile to put the pieces together on this one, but when I finally "got it," I was STUNNED! The other night Randy was just sharing about what had happened that day...Olive Garden was mentioned, and the young lady who so cheerfully cleaned the floor last week was mentioned...and I finally said..."I'm lost...are you saying you served dinner to the staff?" Well, that is Exactly what happened! As this unfolds I learn that Randy has a brother in Florida who wanted to do something for Lizzy and Co. So, although his brother could not be there, he hosted an Olive Garden dinner for the staff on the oncology unit at Children's Hospital. These are people who have served the Lothrops these last 2 weeks...round'about SIXTY PEOPLE! So, picture Randy, and I am sure Aunts...grandma...Christine (Maybe...if she left the room!)...all in the lobby by the elevators serving Olive Garden to the oncology. I think every service was represented...housekeeping, administration, doctors, nurses...and the like! A sweet housekeeping lady had actually gotten off work a few hours before the dinner was to be served. She came back to join in with the others!

I just get choked up when I picture the Lothrops...who, obviously, are struggling right now...serving the staff...
I can't wrap my mind around it, and I can't even find words to describe it...but I know/believe that dinner, in the lobby,on the 5th floor of Children's hosptial , was Holy Ground....

3) So...picture this...Olive Garden left-overs...8:30pm...Lizzy's room...Randy, Christine, a teacher....and 2 Aunts and a Grandma with a walking cast on her leg....Aunts and Grandma gingerly sit down to enjoy the left-overs that they had just heated up...(Think an aroma of garlic filling the room...) So suddenly, Lizzy proclaims..."Yuck...what is THAT smell?'s making me sick....." (Can you hear the immediate intensity in her voice?!) Well, faster than you can blink, 2 Aunts and a Grandma (in a walking cast), all in the middle of enjoying one of their first bites of Olive Garden...spontaneously DUMP their plates of dinner in the Olive Garden bag, and somehow fly across the room and out the door...bag of dumped dinner in tow! They were out of there so fast...I didn't even see Grandma - in her walking cast, get out...I am certain she flew! Well, maybe this is one of those times when you just "had to be there"....but I hope you can picture it and "hear" the spontanous laughter that filled the room...(think belly laughs!)

4) Lastly, in reference to the picture of the BELIEVE sign that Lizzy is holding in the picture on the blog...those are Smarty Lollipops!!! (Just thougth you might need to know that bit of trivia as you start your day!)

Then the man said: "Lord, I BELIEVE...", and he worshiped Him. (John 9:38)

Please continue to Pray:
-Thank our Lord for the staff at Children's hospital
-Thank Him for the times of lightheartedness that envelope Lizzy's room
-Thank Him for being a God who is very real, and present...even, and always, when things are hard...
-Pray for: Catherine to feel better
That Lizzy's blast counts are rapidly dropping this very minute...and will continue to do so...
Minimal side effects of the chemo for Lizzy
Insurance issues to be a non-issue
Rest and respite for the Lothrops
...And that they will continue to experience God's presence in many unexpected, spontaneous ways..

Tuesday is an important day...wear orange...!

(Have I mentioned that we all need to get a flu shot, wash our hands and wear a mask to visit Lizzy?)


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hey everyone, it's Liz!

I have been so appreciative of all the support from my family, friends, and even random prayer groups or friends of my other friends! Sounds confusing, but it is just neat to know how much people are caring for me!
At first, when the night/morning i found all this out, first thing i thought was, how much longer can i live? Or even just the fact, can i still live? Being all new to this and not having the word get out to a lot of people, i was just so frustrated with God, asking every second, why?!? Now, i never, (still) never listen to the doctors because it is just information i don't need to know. Ya, my blood counts can be low, or anything can be wrong, but like Joe came and said to me on the second night in the hospital; "You believe in God, you believe God was the creator of every single person, do you believe he will heal you, do you believe he has already healed you?
Ya, i do. I have 0% worries and i know with all the prayers, i am put into God's hands, and he has already healed me.:)

Ok now to all the helping out, gifts, etc.. It has been a huge help with all the gifts i have been getting! There hasn't been a day spent bored in the hospital yet. I would like to thank my Aunt Theresa for all the work she has generously done for our family! She is crazy! She will come to visit me during the whole day, then at night, we get all situated and go threw all my gifts and just organize. She also helps out with my mom and keeping up with the house, laundry here, buys me good bed stuff!:) Even the other night, she colored my sisters hair and gave me a pedicure! I love you Aunt Theresa! I would also like to thank everyone who has sent me cards, clothes, lotions, books, etc. they really are what keep me occupied during the days here.
Not trying to sound all demanding or saying you have to do this or as if it is a need, but people are still wanting to get nice, helpful gifts, but just are confused on what to get. I have already stashed up on lotions, word searches, and all these other wonderful gifts! One thing that i feel like we are short of, but are very very helpful, are gift cards. Now i am not saying go get us gifts or anything, but many people are asking and i finally came up with the solution of gift cards! :) Gas cards from speedway are very helpful for my brother and his day trips here to the hospital! Then again, food cards such as, fast food places, chipotle, boston market, BW3's, and Panera, are very helpful too! I kinda get sick of the hospital food! :P
Thank you again! I can't find any way to express how loved and thankful I am to have all the support!

Love always,


Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanks Mr Imhoff! We Believe!!!

Hi all!
Here is a medical update on Lizzy:
We've got a few ups and downs I wanted to tell you from the start that the conclusion is positive...!

Lizzy is not, as of yet, a Rapid Responder...

As I understand it-
When Lizzy came in to the hospital her bone marrow was 95% blasts.
To be a Rapid Responder (RR), they want her at 5% or less in the first 2 weeks, and 0% on day 29 (November 25th).
As of this past Tuesday, she was down to 50% blasts in her bone marrow - a 45% drop!
The doctors made a point of telling Christine and Randy to not be discouraged...Lizzy had a big drop of 45% in one week...
She only needs another 45% drop this week to be at 5% blast in her bone marrow...! She's done that once already...that is VERY hopeful!

Yesterday was a bit of a hard day for Lizzy. She had a headache, and not just your normal, every day, run of the mill headache...
The doctors were concerned about a "bleed" in her brain...this can be a complication, not often seen, but to be wary of...
So, they did a brain CT in the morning. Gratefully, all was well, and they determined her headache was a result of the spinal she had the day before. Headaches following spinals are common, so they gave her morphine, which seemed to relieve her headache. From now on, with a spinal, they will give her meds to prevent headaches.

So, yesterday was hard, yet ended on a good note. I was able to pop down last night, and Lizzy was the brightest I have seen her since her admission. She was animated, smiling, and laughing. She had the company of Aunts, Grandma, and a teacher who had brought tons of cards from school. She was reading the cards, and laughing as she talked about some of the fun times she had with her friends. The cards were adorable, and many even from students she does not know. The teacher mentioned they are planning some "Lizzy Days" as school...sounds cool to me!

On a bummer of a note, Catherine, Lizzy's sister, has been sick all week with bronchitis. She has not been able to see Lizzy (Because you can't visit if you even think you might, could be / maybe getting sick). Catherine is REALLY missing Lizzy. We need to pray for her healing too!

Another potential bummer is that Randy's school system may be changing insurance companies. I really don't think this will affect the Lothrops in any major negative way, but it is stressful to not have any answers as of yet. The hospital is very supportive, and helpful in helping the Lothrops wade through all the insurance questions...

There are a few very fun, encouraging stories from over the last few days that I will try to get out later...
Think Olive Garden, Serving, Quick moving Aunts (and a Grandma), Hospital staff, and Smarty lollipops...
(How's that for a teaser?!)

Tuesday is Orange Day...Lizzy will have a bone marrow aspiration, and lots of chemo...
And, of course we want to see those blasted blasts at 5% - OR LESS!

Please pray:
-Thank God for the 45% drop in blasts in Lizzy's marrow
- Thank God that Lizzy's brain scan came back ok
- Pray for Catherine to feel better
- Pray for at least a 45% drop in Lizzy's marrow by Tuesday, and 0% by November 25th.
- Pray for minimal side effects of the chemo.
- Pray for any insurance issues to be resolved...
- Pray for peaceful nights, and restful days...



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good morning!
I wanted to get back to you about a few ways that God is revealing himself to The Lothrops:

-On election day, Randy was in line to vote, and talked to a neighbor who was also in line. Someone overheard their conversation, and soon there were many people chiming in. When people realized Randy was Lizzy's dad, they connected the dots...Many had heard of Lizzy's illness and were telling Randy that they were praying and that their child, who did not even know Liz, was wearing orange to school the next day! VERY COOL!

-The teachers at Randy's school are pooling their sick days to give to Randy so he can be with Liz as needed without worrying about his income...AMAZING..

-Christine received a check from her peers at Comair. She was shocked, and grateful. AWESOME!

-There are many practical ways that family and friends have gifted the Lothrops...time, gifts, needed items,... LOVING!

When I think about these gifts, and many more, and put an adjective to the actions...I realize that each and every adjective describes God. God is revealing himself through people. Each and every one of us, and so many we do not know...even around the world... are serving the Lothrops in big ways and in small ways...and each and every action is a reflection of God's love for the Lothrops...and in essence a reflection of God's love for each of us. Aren't WE blessed when we hear of an act of generosity or kindness? And...not just for the Lothrops, but to people in general....

On a side note...When I was in nursing school, I wrote a paper on the Out of Pocket Expenses that families who have children with cancer can incur...
Even with terrific insurance, there are SO many unexpected expenses. I remember one family had gotten their child a fan for their room, and I remember thinking about the burden these families Carry in that they want to do everything possible to keep their child comfortable...things like parking, gas, clothing that works, food, child care, wigs, entertainment for the child, long distance phone calls, travel expenses for out of town family, co-pays...
When Christine received that check from her work, even I was grateful b/c I remember watching families struggle with this burden.

The other night Christine and Randy were struggling with sending out Thank You notes. They were feeling overwhelmed about how to get out Thank You's to all the people who have reached out to them. Well, I quickly "kabashed" that burden! I told her that in NO WAY are people expecting a note...And I was thinking about it, and I realize that we all feel thankful every time we hear of an act of kindness of generosity...we feel thankful that we CAN serve our friends...we experience thankfulness when we even get a simple update on Lizzy's blog...because that keeps us connected...

So, let me stand in the gap and ask you to not expect any kind of personal Thank You's from the Lothrops...( I know you weren't anyway... And lets embrace the gifts of service, loves, Prayers, and gifts as a thank-you to each other....(There you go Christine...problem solved...let it go!!!!!)

Lastly, as I talked to Christine last night, she told me that Lizzy's spinal and bone marrow aspiration tests were not back yet...I actually think she said...and I quote " This is taking even longer than hospital time!" (Think irritated...)

Lizzy was not feeling well, her neck was hurting. One of the side effects of the chemo is "aches and pains"....yes, the literature actually uses those words...finally words we can understand!

Lizzy and Christine both got a 3 hour nap yesterday, yet Christine sounded weary. They are up multiple times a night getting Liz to the potty (she is on IV fluids to flush the chemo through), or for night sweats...etc...They have not had a full nights sleep since Liz went into the hospital..and this is Day 10...

Additionally, I believe the adrenaline from this crisis is evening out, and the weariness will set in...
So, when you go and visit..pls. continue to remember that they may just need time to rest...
At some point Christine and Randy may limit visits to 15 minutes or so...I know we can all understand that, and applaud their efforts at self-care.

This season will be a long marathon, many times up-hill...we need to help them pace themselves!

What to Pray for:
Thankfulness for the ways God is revealing himself to the Lothrops and to each of us
For Liz to be a Rapid Responder
For minimal side effects for Liz
For rest, peace and respite for the Lothrops
For her cat scan to come back with no bleeds (she is having painful headaches.)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If Liz can do this...

Hi all!
As you may have read in Christine's post on the blog, Lizzy did well during her 2 procedures yesterday. She actually walked down the hall to the procedure room! She had a BM (Bone Marrow Aspiration) , and a ST (Spinal Tap). The doctors are checking both for blasts (immature white blood cells). The hope is that they would be minimal, thus indicating she is a Rapid Responder. The preliminary results last night showed too many blast to consider her a RR, but the conclusive results come back today. Please PRAY that she leans more towards the RR end of the spectrum.

If she is not considered a total RR this time, she has one more week.
She received more high dose chemo yesterday (as planned), and will have
another BM on on November 11th (Day 15). Regardless of where she
falls, she will receive the same chemo protocol either way. The results will be confirmed on November 25th, (Day 29). Day 29 will determine what the next steps are. Of course, a RR will have fewer steps in the protocol, and a Slow Responder will have more, including radiation. After today, and day 29, I will detail the next steps.

Here is a quick clarification: Regarding Lizzy's "counts"...(Lots of new terminology these past few weeks!)...
When we say "counts", we are refering to her Complete Blood Count (CBC). In a nut shell, and specifically, we are looking at her White Blood Cells (WBC), her Red Blood Cells (RBC), and her Platelets.

WBC - There are many phases a WBC goes through to become "mature", and be able to fight infection. In leukemia, the body is producing massive
immature white blood cells, generally called blasts. (Blast is a bad
word!) Basically, the bone marrow, that make our blood cells, is stuck. It is like when a record gets stuck, and stays on the same few words over and over again. (Remember records?!) So we have WAY, WAY too many blasts, crowding out any room for RBCs or Platelets. The blasts are not able to fight infection, which is the job of the WBCs.

RBC - In the RBC we look at hemoglobin and hematocrit (H/H). These function to bring oxygen through out the body. With a low H/H, Lizzy will be tired, and pale. This could also affect her heart function.

Platelets are the clotting factors in the blood. With so many blasts, there are minimal platelets to do the important job of clotting, so Lizzy may have trouble with her gums bleeding, or nose bleeds...(common with low platelets), among other, more serious bleeding.

So - you will be hearing, or asking..."What were Lizzy's counts?"
"Her WBCs were at zero!"
"Her platelets were down"
"Her H /H were down."

When her blast "counts," this week, had hit zero...that is VERY good, and the goal.

That means zero blasts in her blood. Yesterday, they tested her bone marrow, and spinal fluid...she still had blasts there, (not sure how many yet)..but the goal is zero there too.

So, yes, we want competing blasts, high platelets and high H&H. We will not be able to get all that at the same time. The priority is no blasts, and they will give her RBCs and Platelets when those "counts" go down.

The dilema is, with a zero / low count of WBCs, Liz has no ability to fight infection. So it is counter intuitive...Low counts, (indicating we should not visit), are actually the goal at this time.

Now, in the future, after she is at zero for awhile, the goal will be for her body for start to make mature WBC's again. (Getting the record unstuck). At this point we will want to hear that her counts are up...but that will not be for awhile.

So, Lizzy got high doses of Chemo yesterday, as intrathecally (spinal), and 2 IV. She was tired last night, but peaceful. She has not been conked out all day as predicted... she has generally felt good. The chemo will continue this week, and she will have another BM on Tuesday, the 15th. She will continue to get predisone each day. A side effect of prednisone is increased appetite. Lizzy is enjoying the likes of Burger King, and burritos...and even ate Christines dinner the other night, in addition to her own. You go girl!

I do have a few more fun things I want to share with you. God is revealing himself to the Lothrops in amazing ways...more on that later...

Please pray:
Thank God for the amazing ways He is providing for the Lothrops.
Thank God that Lizzy is feeling good.
Thank God that he has protected Lizzy from and 2ndary infections.

Pray for continued protection.
For Lizzy to be a Rapid Responder...
That each and every blast will be quickly eliminated form Lizzy's body For peace and wisdom for Randy and Christine

By the way...please remember...WASH YOUR HANDS, WEAR A MASK, and GET a FLU SHOT if you are going to visit Lizzy.
Momma Bear, Christine, will uphold this non-negotiables...and I wouldn't mess with her!

More later this afternoon/evening!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last picture

this is my last picture from the orange day... but it is from two very special people :)
Liz's godmother Aunt Laura and her cousin Kenny

Wear Orange!

demi and some friends :)

Little Miami JR High Girls basketball team!



one of liz's teachers

classmates at mason middle schooL!

These are all some of Lizzy's classmates supporting her :)

I have lots of pictures from today already and I will be making another post soon with more :) IF you WORE ORANGE TODAY! : send me an email with your pictures to and I will put them on the blog, sorry if I don't get them all on here there is so many I am just picking and choosing but send me more of them ! !

Monday, November 3, 2008

Evening of Day 7

August 4
Three months ago,
you were the start of something new.
Mason Volleyball went from one 8th grade team to two.
I was thrilled to have you as one of my 10 players to coach.
I saw you beyond a good block, hit and approach.
When we worked together to change a move or your swing,
You made the change almost instantly. (Rapid Responder)
September 4
Two months ago,
you became a part of another something new.
I truly believed in your back-row skills and you believed in them too.
I kept you on the court and you were an all-round threat.
You jump-served, passed to target...You did “way” more than block and hit.
October 4
One month ago,
you were a part of another something new.
You came to me with back pain that I could not “stretch” you through.
You played so great in the GMC final four
You gave 100 percent. I could not have asked for more.

November 4
you may need to be a part of another something new
If this is the case…I have designed one for you.
You can make your Leukemia another volleyball season.
I have thought long and hard and here is my reason.
You are an athlete with a mindset not to give in.
You are a rapid responder. You thrive to win.
You can block this Leukemia like you block an opponent
When you have a test, think of it as your shining moment.
Before a test, you can call those cute huddle-commands:
Like the ones for our team as we all clenched our hands.
You can make your supporters, your fans in the stands
Picture us shouting and clapping our hands.
Ace! Kill! Block it, Lizzy! We are in prayer!
You can have me in the stands with orange straight hair.
And after the test you must trust that you have won.
Trust the results are a “tally” in the winning column.
And if not, then remember a loss is not failure or defeat.
You just focus on the next chance to win and succeed.
And when your tests or procedures are down to the final 2, Win The Title!
I believe in you.
Coach K-

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Nov. 2, Day 6

Just wanted to update everyone quickly; Elizabeth is receiving a blood transfusion today. Her white blood cell count is at zero which means she has no ability to fight off any type of virus, bacteria, or any type of cough cold...etc...

Elizabeth will not be able to see visitors today due to that fact and the complications that can arise due to the transfusion.

Please continue to pray for few complications; or none would be better; and hopefully she will be able to see people again soon.

Elizabeth has school, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and numerous doctors in and out in the mornings and makes it difficult for her to have visitors before 2:00pm.

I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers, cards, meals, gifts, visit, etc....there is no way I can can even begin to tell you how much love and support we feel from each and everyone of you; nor will I ever get out thank-you notes...I am good but not that good; so much came in when I could not even think or see clearly. All I do know is that it came and continues to come through one of the hardest times of our lives and it is, and you are, a true blessing to this family.

Please continue to pray for Elizabeth and the Lothrop family. It is by Gods grace and your prayers and support that we are doing as well as we are. Remember, Tues. is a big day and we are praying for her to be a Rapid Responder and have minimal effects from the chemo.

Love and blessings to all,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pray Unceasingly!

Hi all!

I had almost finished up an update on Lizzy last night...when my
computer froze up...and I lost it!

Here is a quick glimpse:
-Lizzy got 2 shots of chemo yesterday / one in each leg at the same
time -----Ouch!
-Great news! In her CBC (complete blood count) - there were NO blasts
(immature white blood cells) - this is a sign that the chemo is working!
-Lizzy is having night sweats - Christine helps to change her sheets
and jammies 1-2 times each night fun = (
-Gift ideas: basket ball shorts / size medium & t-shirts....cute ones
from Walmart....Lizzy sleeps in these for jammies, and with the night
sweats they are needing to do lots of laundry...

The next big day is Day #8 / November 4th-Liz will have high doses of chemo...2 via her IV, and 1 intrathecally
(through her spinal tap)

-She will have a spinal tap to test her spinal fluid, and a bone marrow
aspiration to test her bone marrow

-These tests will determine if she is a Rapid Responder...please
continue to pray towards this end.
If her tests indicate a RR, this
will be confirmed on Day #29 (November 25th), if not...she will get
more high doses of chemo in hopes that she will respond in one more
week...thus considering here a RR as well...again to be confirmed on
Day #29...
Randy went home last night. He may go
back to work on Monday. Things are starting to settle into a routine.
The scary times are with new chemo, or side effects...but Liz is doing
great, she looks great and she is enjoying visits from her friends!
She is getting physical therapy daily, and she started occupational
therapy yesterday (occupational therapy is a great diversion that
focuses on fine motor skills...)

Word has it that TEAM GLITTER GIRL! (TGG!) is wearing orange on Tuesday
...the next big day for Liz. Orange is the color that stands for
finding a cure for leukemia (like pink is for breast cancer). Consider
joining TEAM GLITTER GIRL! on Tuesday and sport your favorite shade of
orange in solidarity for Lizzy's total and complete healing!

Have I mentioned a few NON NEGOTIABLES? = )
-Pls. get a flu shot before you visit (not the nasal kind)
- MUST wash your hands each and every time you enter the room
- MUST wear a mask each and every time you visit

Christine is concerned that with the ongoing good reports of Lizzy,
that people will let praying go by the way side...
She wanted me to pass on to you...Please continue praying...this is WHY
Lizzy is doing well! Pray unceasingly...continually...every time you
think about her!

- Thank God for:
- No indications of blasts in Liz's CBC
- The minimal side effects of chemo
- The love and care the Lothrops are experiencing.
- The continued terrific care of all the medical staff at Childrens
- The Chemo to work to get Liz into a very quick remission ....Rapid
- Minimal side effects (God is able to protect Liz from these
uncomfortable, sometimes very concerning side effects!!!)
- Rest...physical and emotional...for the Lothrops...for Liz

"God's invitation for us to work with Him always leads us to a Crisis
of Belief that requires FAITH and action...
He wants to reveal Himself to us. He calls us to an assignment that
we cannot do without Him. The assignment will have God-sized

(EXPERIENCING GOD ; Blackaby and King)

Pray, wear orange on Tuesday, Love...!



haha...just liked this picture and wanted to share it..liz MIGHT kill me..
but she ate the WHOLE burrito so this is good ! ! :)
P.S. Thanks Riley for bringing it to her !

Meet Joe!

Meet Joe Brausch. Joe is the father of Russ Brausch, Cathy’s boyfriend. Two weeks ago Liz and and Joe crossed paths in Russ’s driveway and for some reason they were both intrigued with one another. Lizzy commented that Russ’s dad was really cool. (That’s a big deal for our 14 year old to actually think an adult is cool!) One week later Liz was diagnosed with cancer in her bone marrow(Leukemia), something Joe was well familiar with. He was saddened as we all were but promptly insisted to his son that he would like to visit Liz that night. Russ asked us if Joe could visit on the evening of our first full day in the hospital and soon there after Joe entered our room with bible in hand. He shared with Liz that he was deeply saddened to hear about her diagnosis, and then went on to tell his story. (I’m sure I’ll miss some details). In 1997 Joe was diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow disease. He wished it were leukemia because then at least they would have had a treatment plan! He was prayed over, prayed with, and tried to do all the right things to get right with God. Then one day he had an experience that would forever change his outlook on life. Joe found himself in conversation with a man that he claims he really did not know that well. The gentleman challenged Joe with some simple questions: Do you believe that our God is the creator of heaven and earth? Do you believe that that same God created each of us, mind, body, and soul? Joe, from the depths of his being exclaimed “yes”. The gentleman then continued: Do you believe that the same God has the power to heal you? Again Joe answered yes! Without any doubt in his mind Joe sensed God’s healing power and believed he was healed. One week later Joe went in to have the same bone marrow extraction that Liz had and there was no trace of the cancer! Joe is a living example of the power of God through our Lord Jesus Christ! Joe went on to share with Liz that not only was he healed but that he has also been gifted with more strength today than he has ever had in his life! He took out a thick long (6 inches) nail and handed it to Liz. Liz commented on how heavy it was. He then took it back from Liz and proceeded to bend it in half!!! Joe is living proof of God’s healing power and God has placed him in our lives, at this time to sense His healing powers in Lizzy Grace! Exactly one week ago at this time we were faced with the reality that our healthy, energetic, athletic daughter was diagnosed with a bone marrow cancer. Sense that time we have sensed God’s perfect healing power in every moment of every day. I pray too that God might supernaturally heal Liz of any cancer, but I know in the depths of my heart that he can use all things for good and I have seen the outpouring of His love though all of you! Christine and I are deeply grateful. I want to leave you all this morning with a video of our new friend Joe. He stopped by last night and displayed his God given strength by taking a frying pan, that’s right a frying pan and folding it up like a burrito!!! He had some nurses on the floor peeking in our room! Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” God Bless, Randy