Thursday, November 13, 2008

The outpouring of people supporting you Liz!

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Coach K said...

Dear Liz - Thanks for chatting with me on Wednesday. I sure hope "Bring it on" sport goofy helps you keep your eye on the ball....the prize of playing again down the road...that you will do. I am your volleyball fan...oh that's right you have a reminder in you hands. (As well, the message was meant to be.) Keep hoping and keep praying. And of course, keep eating cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera....I know they gave our whole team the winning edge and I am sure they remain effective in the post season. I will have the pic to you soon. Hugs...Coach K

Cat said...

aw thats such a beautiful pic of you liz!

L said...

Hi Liz, just wanted to let you know that the Duncan family is praying for you each and every night. We follow your blog... today we were hit 420! That's amazing! Think how many prayers that is each day! Now, get some rest and go kick some blast booty! Bob, Lisa, Sam, and Faith Duncan (I'm your Uncle John's sister)

Anna* said...

Hey love! i think im going to be able to see you tomorrow! omg i absolutly cannot wait! im glad to hear about the progress you've made so far! way to go! keep being strong love! i love you a ton and dont you never ever forget it! <3 anna*

Cindy Dodson said...

Hey Liz!
Is there ever a picture of you that doesn't look beautiful? You know, you might have your folks put one on the blog every now and then where you don't look so darn cute! Prob not possible, though;) Have a great weekend and we'll be back to see you soon!
Mrs. D.

Annette said...

I just watched your Believe video. You are beautiful inside and out Liz! We love you,
The Sargent family

Uncle Greg E. said...

Hi Liz,
Just want you to know Aunt Theresa and I are thinking about you and praying for you every day.
Miss being with you and the family!! Hope to see ya soon!!!

Love, Aunt Theresa and Uncle Greg

Kristi said...

Lizzy girl,

we love the music slideshows that you are are a shining star that brightens up our lives..I look forward to each blog so I can see your sparkling smile it brightens up my day. I have told so many people that when you are in your room there is something that comes over you, a certain peace, no saddness, like the presence of the Holy Spirit blanketing your room, makes me want to smile right along with you. I am so proud of you girlfriend. You are and inspiration to us all..keep up the strength, believe, and have faith that you are in God protective hands...

much love sweetie,
The Jones'