Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perfect song choice Sami!!!


SAMi. said...

its amazing you could go home for a little bit!
i love you so much.
stay the liz i know you are. strong.
with so much prayer!

don shelton said...

lizzy: i am glad you were able to have a night out. our trip was great. i will be glad to see you and bring pictures of the wedding and trip. you still have that great smile. keep up the good fight. lol don

Cat said...

i think that was my favorite one so far

grz said...

That was a great video:) I am so glad you could go out. I am sure it felt good to be able to go somewhere. Remember to stay strong <3
love, emily

brittany said...

that video was really cute! im so happy you got to go out.
hang in there and stay strong.
i will keep praying. i love you liz!

jami said...

im so happy you got to get out of
the hospital for a while :)
it sounds like you had alot of fun.
that video is amazing and i cant wait to come see you! (soon)
stay strong like i know you are,
laugh and smile like i know you can,
i miss you,
get better, ill be praying !

love you so much,

Paige said...

hey lizzy!

my name is Paige Armstrong and i recently was performing at the Underground with the iShine LIVE concert where i met some of your friends! They told me about you and gave me your blog to contact you.
This video is amazing!! I love seeing all those friends and family that just adore and support you. It's clear you are such an inspiration and blessing to those around you. :]

I'm had cancer when I was 11, and am 18 now and am passionate about encouraging others to use the life they've been given. Please write me if you feel like it, i would love to hear from you girl!

God Bless always,

Saneholtz14 said...

Wonerful news! Liz enjoy your time home!! Happy Thanksgiving Lothrops! We will be praying for you today, tomorrow, and always!! We love you!!

Aunt Theresa, Uncle Greg, Melissa, Tyler, Ryan, Jenna, Kristin, and Hailey...xoxo

Jim Smanik said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lizzie - The Smaniks are thinking and praying for you daily. God has blessed you with an incredible smile that in these tough times is inspirational to all of us - keep the positive attitude and know we are praying for you.