Thursday, November 13, 2008



The Quigleys said...

To the Lothrops,

I can't stop crying! I have never seen something so beautiful. Keep the faith...

The Quigley family

Aunt Patti said...

Lizzy Grace,
That was so awesome. I loved seeing all the fun times and all the friends you have. You've touched a lot of lives. I'm proud of you Grace! You're an inspiration to all of us who have struggled with the ups and downs of life. God bless.
Hugs and Kisses
Love Aunt Patti and Uncle Scott

Gina Smith said...

Dear Liz and Family,
This is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful family. I have been following each day and although we have never met Liz, your Mom and I have worked together and I have enjoyed her wonderful spirt, great sense of humor, and zest for life. I should have know that she would have a daughter that possesses those same qualities. I sense the love of God and family right thru these pages and my family and I pray for all of you. Continue to "BELIEVE"

Gina Smith

Mr. Reutter said...


We all believe.

Four things for success:
work and PRAY, think and BELIEVE.
Norman Vincent Peale

Jill and Jay Reutter

Kristi said...

Liz and family,

Wow that was so amazing, beautiful and so spiritual..I can't stop the tears heart is so full of love for you is so true..There can be miracles when you BELIEVE!! so keep believing Lizzy,Christine,Randy,Cat, and Jim and keep the faith..we know you can beat this!!

much love,
The Jones'

grz said...

That brought the tears to my eyes...Your so pretty, strong, and free spirited. I love you!!! Keep a possitive attitude and remember everything happens for a reason. This whole experience has brought all of us so musch closer and we realize what is really important in life. You are such an inspiration to everyone:)
love>3 emily

Anna* said...

Hey liz! omg that was amazing! im not joking when i say i started crying. i really do miss you a ton! maybe ill be able to see you soon! please text me! i love you a ton! see ya soon! :) keep being strong love! <3 anna*

SAMi. said...

aww we sang that song in choir last year ! :)
i love it .
you go girl..
more love than ever before.