Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hoops has prepared you well Liz!

Wanted to share an e-mail from the Sycamore coach that we battled with for three years in the select basketball ranks...I have always had a very healthy respect for Bill; we coached our tails off when we played against them but when it was all said and done we were just two dads who wanted to build into our daughters and their teammates and teach life lessons through a game; the game of basketball!
Can you believe a Sycamore family is blogging someone from Mason - what are we thinking?! All kidding aside, Liz, we understand you’re in a battle way bigger than basketball. So sorry to hear about your illness.

Fight this thing with every ounce of effort you’ve got. Run the race until you’ve won. Find something extra that leads you to victory…like you do every time Mason plays Sycamore in basketball! (we know it isn’t the coaching).

One more thing. Just know we are praying for you. We’re asking God for your complete healing and total recovery. We know He’ll give you strength, and that you’ll be back on the court competing again soon. One of our favorite verses is Proverbs 3:5-6. Hopefully it gives you extra strength, peace, and confidence.

Hannah and Bill Locke


Coach K said...

From one coach who to another coach, who supports Liz and her battle...I must give thanks at this moment for the gift of sports, teammates, coach/player relationships, pride, work ethic, passion, battles on the court, handshakes and love off the court, the power of play, the potential of players, and the bottom line of teaching and learning life lessons through a game. God bless the power of Doctors, the potential of Liz, and the bottom-line of prayer for 0 blasts and victory.
Proceed: One step at a time: Coach K

simhoff said...

Hey Liz,
I was definitely not surprised that a Sycamore family was blogging a Mason player -- especially since it was the Locke family. You've seen Coach Locke (Bill) many times on the basketball court (probably more times than he would like to recall). You have competed against Hannah more times than you can probably remember. Well, I was blessed to be able to see Bill on the basketball court, the football field, and the baseball field. I was also blessed to have coached Hannah's sister Ashley, and I saw several of the games where you and Hannah battled. If there is a family that knows about always giving their best and battling hardes when the going is the toughest, it is the Lockes. In that respect, they are a lot like the Lothrops. Waht I really want to tell you is two things. First, to both families --- you are an inspiration to every other family that is belessed to know you. Second, if the Lockes know you are going to win this battle, then you can take it to the bank. A big amen to what Coach K wrote --Believe, and have a great Sunday!
Immer (Mr. Imhoff) (Coach Imhoff)( or as a lot of teenagers say tody -- whatever).

christmas story said...

Liz, Randy, Christine,
Your journey has been a true testament to faith, hope and love. You continue to be in my prayers and in all of our hearts. Because God is involved in this holy battle and the good fight is being waged, you have turned the tables on all of us, and have become our inspiration.
Dan R

Cindy Dodson said...

Hello Lothrop Family!

I see this photo and I picture it 3 years from now with Liz and Kayla still towering over everyone! I know the road to get there will be challenging, but I also know that Liz has the spirit and attitude to overcome the potholes. I've had so many families continue to ask me how Liz is doing, and I simply respond, "She's amazing." Here's a quote by Albert Einstein that says a lot ... "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." You've come a long way, Liz, from 95% cancer cells. And, yes, we're all praying for that long-awaited zero "count" on Tuesday. But we also know it's the things we can't measure like your incredible attitude and spirit, the power of love and prayer, and God's healing grace that are and will continue to be major players in your healing and recovery. So keep "boxing out" those cancer cells, Liz, and know that your fans have never stopped cheering for you!
Mrs. D.

SAMi. said...

aww i love that picturee.
i heard an avril lavign (however you spell that) song called keep holding on and i just thought of you cuz it says keep holdin on cuz you know well make it through just stay kinda kinda made me cry. and that like should be your theme song :) maybe you know what im talking about ?
anywayy keep holding on and stay strong.
see you this week..!
with prayer and love......

Angela Cornejo said...

Dear Randy, Christine, and Liz:

I heard about Liz's diagnosis and am sad, but happy that she is doing well. Keep thinking of her! I have not seen the kids in ages, so I hardly recognized them. We'll get together once Liz gets better enough.

Angela Cornejo