Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 21, November17th

Good evening! Been a while since we have updated you on Lizzy's progress. Our highlight has been the return of Liz's sister Cathy!!! She spent just about the entire day Sunday with Liz! Christine and I actually left the hospital together! First time since October 24th! Liz's spirits continue to be nothing shy of amazing! She has had a steady stream of friends and we know so many of you continue to lift her up in prayer. THANK YOU! I have come to realize that my most important role is to retrieve Lizzy's next craving, as the steroids that she is on (part of the chemotherapy) creates quite an appetite.
On the lighter side, I thought I would share a funny video that I came across today(Lizzy is going to kill me)... ENJOY, Randy


Christina Schnitzler said...

haha LOVE that it's so cute! You actually sound like Hannah Montana lol!!! Love u girl had so much fun with you today!!! :) xoxoxo

Marty Sutton said...

Hello Liz, I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. I graduated HS with your father, and another former classmate sent me the link to your blog. I am a missionary to Bulgaria, and I will have the young people there praying for you as well. Be blessed in Jesus' Name! Marty Sutton

SAMi. said...

that was amazing!
haha your a greatt singer
and me and k are trying to get the basketball team to wear orange shoelaces on their left shoe for you !
if you didnt already know.
i modeled it off for the team yesterday and it was hott :)
ill send you a picture !
sami !

The Quigleys said...

Hi lizzie,

Patrick, Justin and I watched the video before school!! You made their morning. Love the cape Randy!!

Ha Ha
Cec and the boys

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

Ha ha ha...nice Liz. I think you should give everyone a concert when they come to visit (ok, so at least me). That's definitely something I'd like to see in person. :) We're still praying for you.


Cindy Dodson said...

Liz, can I have your autograph now? Once word gets out about your hidden singing talent, I'm sure I'd have to stand in line for days and pay a small fortune to even get next to you! I'll bring a pen next time we come to see you and revel in my brush with fame! I'm a fan of you now and forever! You go girl! Rock on! Zap those blasts! One more week to ZERO! You can do it! You can absolutely do it!!!
Love Ya!
Mrs. D.

Cat said...

HEY EVERYONEE! THATS NOT LIZ SINGING hahahahah...the girl singing was behind stage hahahah love how everyone commented that....

Christine, Randy said...

Awe Catherine did you have to blow your little sisters fame....? We were getting a kick out of being famous for a little while. love, Mom

Kristi said...

hey lizzy,

I am not surprised seeing you dance and sing on and Annie were always putting on shows when you were younger..Liz has Lots of remarkable talents..reach for the stars girlfriend you will go far..we are thinking about you and wearing our orange..even chuck is spreading the color to GE,
stay strong girlfriend hope to see you soon!

The Jones'

The Quigleys said...

That is toooo funny!! I wondered why I had never heard her sing like that!!!
Aunt Cec

Joe said...

Liz, even if you were not singing you could still make it in the music biz by lip singing. Just don't get caught like villi manilli
did. sorry about the spelling of the bands name. yur mom and dad will know who i am talking about. maybe they can find a clip of one of their songs for ya.
luv ya lots uncle Joe

Ashley Martin said...

wow that was like super good =] so was liz really lip sinching or what?? cause it kinda sounded like her real talking voice so hmmmmmmmmmm. . .

well anyway keep fighting hard !

Kristi said...

Hey Lizzy,

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking and praying for you! I loved the video! CLEARLY, you looked much better on stage than your old man.

Where's the "NURRRRRRRRRRRRE" Randy? :)

Mr. Jones

Anonymous said...

haha you guys fooled me lol that must have been fun. Hope everything is goin good