Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clearly Sarge is stopping shy of nothing to bust out the Orange in support of Liz!!!


Ashley Calvani said...


Its amazing to see the amount of people who wear orange on tuesday, even if they have never even met you! Everyone is praying for you so much! We know you are such a strong and positive person! Stay strong Liz!


The Noe's said...

Lizzie, just letting you know we are following your progress daily and praying for God's healing hand. Much Love

Cat said...

r u kidding me...

grandpa L said...

What a joy to be back in town and with you yesterday, Liz! You light up the hospital room. Could it be the light of Jesus shining through you?

Grandpa L

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...


christmas story said...

I think if you put Sarge's photo in front of you at all times your blast count could go to zero as planned :-0
A little humor.

Keep the faith! My Gracie says 'Hi' and she hopes to see you soon.


Kristi said...


Wow! look at what people will do for you color themselves in orange pretty cool..see how many lives you have touched.. now everyone is showing you how you have SHINED in their are loved my friend very much!! Hope you are feeling good today..stay strong..

much love,