Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One step at a time!


The Quigleys said...

Chris and Randy,
As I sit and watch this video so may different times of our lives come to my mind. I remember the night you both met each other. ( I knew Randy first) But they liked one another instanly!! Through the years they have created this great family that I am so lucky to be a part of. Lizzy will survive this terrible time, as we all will. Liz, you are so important to us all. We love you and need you in our lives. Keep strong and faithful and we will too.
love, Aunt Cec, Uncle Gene Patrick and justin

Cindy Dodson said...

Hi Guys,
I get so excited when there's something new on the blog! I know, I know, get a life, right? This slide show was soooo cute!!! Loved the song! What a great tribute to the family. Thanks to whoever put this together! I soooo enjoyed seeing the old photos. Oh, my gosh. Can't believe some of them ;) Okay, I'll stop there. Ha, ha! But, hey, Liz, you didn't look goofy in any of them. Did I say that out loud? I'm still smiling from the video. "One Step at a Time" is so true. Keep on steppin' Lizzy!
Hugs and Kisses!
Mrs. D.

Cat said...

lol! i love how on the picture that says liz and mom! on it liz and moms teeth are like BRIGHT wwhite and perfectly straight..

Ashley Martin said...

aww that was like so cute and that song is perfect for whats going on with liz! i think my favorite picture was that wedding one where liz is like smiling growling and everyone else is smiling normal

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

What a great slideshow! Thanks for sharing. The pictures are awesome! I agree with Cindy D. I check every day and love when there's new postings!


Aunt Patti said...

To the whole family,
Wow how time flies. It just makes me realize how precious time really is and of all the great moments in time that we just take for granted. I loved this video. I wish we could freeze it and go back to a more simple time but life is not that easy. We need to make every moment count, even the bad ones. Because without them, we wouldn't know how great we really have it. God will help guide us.
Patti and Scott

Kristi said...

Hey fam,

How beautiful that clip was and is..you are a one of a kind family..and boy have you been through some tough times.. look what helped you through it. Your faith and the love of your family. You all are beautiful inside and out and it is an honor to be apart of your lives and hold you up when you get down...just take it one step at a time and God will lead you through this rough bump in the road..you will get through it with a big win...

much love to you all,

Anna* said...

Hey love! well i posted the longest comment i think i have ever made for your blog yesterday but guess what! it was too long and deleted itself! and the whole time i thought it had worked but guess not! it made me sooooooo mad! so your in for a fun night to read this cuz i have to make it all up!
i must say i was all decked out in orange yesterday! i finally went shopping and got orange ribbon for my hair and to make that ribbon thats like in a loop if you see what i mean. and to go on top of my looped pin i got a zebra print ribbon which, according to britt, is your favorite!i wish i wouldve remembered to take a picture for you!
O btw i hope you have enough room for our "card" on your wall :) its amazing and i cant wait till you get to see it!now youll really get to see all the people who care about you at ljs!we are all praying for you everyday!not one day goes by with out at least 10 people asking about you! AT LEAST! lololol.
now about that video. you look so different now! i wouldve never guess that that was you! those pictures are soooooo cute!
i know that today and tomorrow are going to be really hard for you. i hate that you have to do this but i know that this will make you better and healthy again. and i really want you to be. i really miss you a lot and i havent told many people this but almost every time i read your blog i totally break down crying. but not the yucky sad tears, well at least not anymore. these are the good kind, the happy tears because i know now that you will get through this. i love seeing the pictures of your funny faces and smiles. they always make my day.
i really hope i can see you this weekend to give you your card! i miss you a ton! i love you liz and dont you ever forget it! keep being strong and fight hard!
<3 anna*