Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK this takes the cake!

Two of Liz's former six grade teachers, Karen Turner & Lindsey Budde not only stopped by to visit with Liz but also took part in her physical therapy exercises. That is truly above and beyond, true teacher dedication! Greg Sears give these girls a raise! They may be a little sore tomorrow. Take it easy on them Team Success!


Christina Schnitzler said...

yay Lizzy you have on your aloe socks i brought you!! lol i know i'm a nerd for noticing! you look so cute!!! love u! <3 :)

Kristi said...


I love it and love you...your smile just is amazing, lightens up the room! You keep it going even when you are are a trip girlfriend I can hear your giggle even now...take care hope to see you soon I have had a little cold so had to stay away... I will bring you some baked doritos to you soon..I should just have the truck pull up to the hospital and drop a whole bunch off to you with some root beer (sound yummy?) hope you have a good Thursday...

much love,

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

Hey Liz! Now you're making your visitors excercise with you? I should definitely be coming more often then. I need some good motiviation. Get buff! What a great picture!I picked up my husband's cold bug, so I won't see you this week. :( I guess that means I also get out of exercising. :) Hope to see you soon.

Maggatthha! (Maggiie!) said...

hahhahah gotta love mrs budde(aka miss smith) and mrs turner! hahah last night i found a card you wrote me for my birthday in 2006!! woah long time ago riight?!? hahah well stay strongg elizabethh! i love you sosoososososososo much you work those triceps! we do those at cheer conditioning! THEY ARE HARD!hahah stay strong babe!

much much love,

Sandy Gemmel said...

It's Coach Gemmel. I just wanted you to know that my family is thinking about you! I love that you have all the teachers excercising! I need to come down and get a work out! You are an amazing young lady:) Stay strong!
Coach Gemmel

Andrea said...

Great Pics :)
I saw your article in the Pulse Journal! It was awesome. Still praying for you and your family Liz! Hope you have a wonderful day.


Ginger said...

Hi Liz, Randy and Christine! It was great seeing you last weekend Liz! You looked great and you attitude was so uplifting to all of us! I love reading you blog and watching the videos. The girls and I look forward to seeing you again. We think of you everyday! Stay strong! I am I can I will!!

Love, Ginger

Ashley Martin said...

AHHH mrs budde [miss smith.!] and mrs turner. wow that is like so sweet of them to do ur physical therapy with you. stay strong girlll.