Thursday, November 18, 2010

HOME!!!!!!! :))

Liz became sick with a common cold about seven days ago.  On Tuesday night the dreaded fever broke out and we were instructed to "bring Liz to the ED."  She was not happy about that;  Fevers really scare here.  They put her on an antibiotic soon after we arrived because she had a bad cough and crackle in her lungs.  The xray showed she was clear but they continued to treat her for possible viral pneumonia while waiting for her blood cultures to come back.  They were negative so we were allowed to take her home Thursday, late afternoon.
Lizzy's ANC (immune system) is falling rapidly.  She is now at 560.  500 is the no one can visit without the flu shot, free of any type of sniffle or cold, and she cannot go anywhere without a mask.
We have a lot of plans for this Thanksgiving but things are going minute by minute at this point.  Please pray that she/we get to do all we want to do as a family.
Lizzy has her next big chemo date Tuesday, November 23.  Please pray that she will be well enough to go ahead with these procedures  and she will still get to spend her holidays with family.
Blessings to everyone and have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gap Give & Get Supporting LLS

If you shop at the Gap, go to this link and print off the coupon. You receive 30% off and Gap gives to LLS for research for blood cancers!