Monday, November 10, 2008

Orange Tuesday!

As I write it is the evening before Day 15 for Lizzy. (November 10th) In this first phase of induction she has 2 weeks down...and only 2 more to go! She is 1/2 way through induction...! I was able to pop down quickly today, and I walked into a room full of love... I'm telling you...Lizzy was receiving an awsome foot massage, there were out of town guests...aunts, cousins, friends...there were Christine's parents, and there were no less than 5 staff people who popped in ..."Just to join the party!" The doctor, the physical therapist, a few nurses... And the comments...."You are the most popular person on the unit!", "I heard there is a party in here...!" It seemed to be a joyful, peaceful, love filled time. All this, after, from what I hear was a "Girls night" last night...movies, aunts, friends... One can't help but wonder what is different / room 45...5th floor...Children's hospital... Lizzy was chipper, eating a nice big lunch...smiling, and talking...being herself...beautiful! She was out and about on the unit this w/e...walking the halls... The Doctors are amazed that she has the stamina that she does... They have cautioned that she will be tired, grouchy, irritable.. But nope...not Lizzy! Lizzy said the staff mentioned that she was an athlete. She is strong, and in great shape. They said that is contributing to how well she is doing. You go girl! Lizzy did get platelets over the w/e, and again today. Platlets are the clotting factors in the blood. She had a slight nose bleed...her platelets were 27K. They like to keep them at 50K or above, but will let them drop a bit if she is not having problems, or having an invasive procedure. Christine noted that Lizzy's ANC count was up. ANC = absolute neutrophil count. The neutrophils are the good blood cells produced by the bone marrow. Although they will be wiped out again tomorrow with the chemo, it is encouraging to see her body wanting to do the right thing! The night sweats continue...Lizzy is pretty adept at just matter-of-factly keeping a few extra sheets by the bed at night...and using fresh ones when she needs to... Christine noted Lizzy's pattern seems to be consistent: Tuesdays (Chemo day) - through Saturday morning...she is tired and achy...Then she pops back usually Saturday afternoon - Monday... Over the w/e Lizzy's leg was aching...probably due to the IM meds she recieved in each leg last week. She got pain meds for that, and Christine said she was back to herself within 15 minutes! Tomorrow (Or today, depending on when you read this...)...11/11 - Lizzy will have a Bone Marrow Aspiration at 7am. Preliminary results should be back later in the day. Of course, the samples will be sent to a lab for specific details, and those result should be back on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening Lizzy will again get hit with 2 different, strong doses of chemo. This will be the third time she has had these specific meds. I see on the schedule that she is also scheduled for IT chemo...(spinal = intrathecal = IT)...but I think Christine said she was not having a spinal, so I will check on that. At any rate, last week she had a REALLY bad headache...probably due to the if she does have the spinal, she will get meds to help alleviate that. I gotta admit, regarding the medical info...I am getting a quick refresher, and some of my info may be a bit off...but I know it is at least close enough to help us all stay on the same page! Today, Christine was even explaining things to me! Soon we will be consulting our resident Dr. in training...Dr. Mom...aka Christine! Word has it that Catherine, Lizzy's sister, is still not totally over her bronchitis. It has been WAY too many days since she has been able to see Lizzy... Rumor on the streets is that there is NO orange finger nail polish to be found in Butler or Hamilton County... You have AMAZING friends Lizzy! Here we go...we find ourselves on day 15 petitioning our Lord for Lizzy's total and complete healing... Please pray: Thank God- For ALL the love and support for the Lothrops The stamina and peace He has given Lizzy For the massage therapists, nurses, PT, OT, teachers liasons, and doctors....that are serving Lizzy... Thank God, in faith, for Lizzy's total and complete remission, and healing... Pray for: 5% or less blasts in Lizzy's bone marrow on Tuesday Catherine's healing Rest and respite for Christine...especially Wear orange on Tuesday!!! Deb


SAMi. said...

you are amazing! its tuesday morning and im pretty orange. :)
i love you so much ! your a fighter.
with lots of love and prayer ...

oh and i think im coming wednesday with kay and sean :)

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...


Sorry I missed you yesterday. You were sleeping peacefully and there was no way I was waking you up! Glad to hear you had a fun night. Good luck today. We'll be thinking about you! I've already seen some orange around school this morning too.



Uncle Doug & Aunt Nan said...

Good Morning Liz,

Aunt Nancy's and my continuing experience with her brain cancer can only enhance our prayers, love and hope that you will turn out victorious in your battle. We wish we could join "the party in your room", but God has other plans for us right now.

I end our message of love with one of our favorite sayings, "AS LONG AS THE MUSIC PLAYS, CONTIUE THE DANCE".

Kisses and Hugs,

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug

The Ficorilli's said...

Liz - So glad to hear your doing so well! All that training is really paying off! We are praying for you especially today and every day!
Love, The Ficorilli's

Cat said...

lol i love that picture of liz walkin aroudn with everyone ! ! I will be better soon i hope... :( love you wizzlyyyy!!

Aunt Patti said...

Lizzy Grace,
This post is a little late but I loved the video and family picture. I'm so happy that you got to see everyone. I only wish Kat and I could have been there! Seeing the video made me feel like a part of the party. I've been thinking of you all day and waiting patiently for good news. I love you.
Hugs and kisses
Aunt Patti and Uncle Scott

Hunter Britt said...

Today, again i wore my sper sized orange shirt i look really dumb. HAHA i am so happy that you are half way done with your treatment part. I hope i can see you soon, miss you a lot at school and good luck with everything going on right now.

Taylor C said...

Hey Lizzy I was reading your blog and started crying because you're doing so incredibly well and have such strong faith. You're an amazing girl. I look up to you so much. Keep strong! You're in my prayers. By the way for anyone who reads this...I'm pretty sure that Sally's Beauty Supply sells bright bright neon orange nail polish. I'ts a cool color.

Cat I hope you're doing well :)

Love and Prayers