Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Leap of Faith!

Yeah, that's right, this picture is Liz! As many of you know this past summer Liz and I went to a father-daughter camp together in northern California. Right from the start we were involved in activities that were designed for us to confront our fears and place our trust in God!
This telephone pole was 50 feet high! We had to climb to the top(as it waved in the wind), balance ourselves on a small platform, and then leap up and out to a trapeze bar that was 7 feet out and 7 feet up!
After a brief explanation and strapping on our harnesses our instructor asked for a volunteer! As my knees trembled in fear I focused on ducking behind people so I wouldn't be chosen! At the same time my daughter jumped to the front and said, "I'll go first", with a huge smile draped from ear to ear! Without hesitation I watched Liz climb to the top of that pole, hoist herself up on the small platform, squat down in an athletic posture and throw her long, lanky body up and out extending her arms as her hands clinched on the bar! I was amazed for a moment and then almost instantaneously I was scared because I knew that if my own daughter could do this then certainly I was expected to follow!
I share this story with you because it shouldn't surprise me that Liz has confronted the reality of her cancer with the same faith, hope and trust in God. She inspires me to pursue His perfect will!
My daughter's faith has deepened mine!


MamaBird said...

VERY inspiring!
Keep leaping and keep the faith!

Kristi said...

Wow Lizzy how awesome!! What courage and strength you have...I know you can face any challenge thrown your way head on and beat it..keep the faith girlfriend...

much love,

christmas story said...

Hey Liz,
I loved the Leap of Faith ...and the walk of wonder video. Your letter to us was inspiring. We'll get to work on the gift cards!

Dan Reed and family

Cindy Dodson said...

Great photos! I especially like the second one that shows a Lizzy READY FOR ANYTHING! Keep that warrior spirit, Liz, and we will do our part by continuing to be your personal prayer warriors! Looking forward to reading about 5 percent or less tomorrow!
Mrs. D.

freyfamily said...

Heyy liz! I love the pictures and the story is very inspiring. Wish i could be with you... if only I was 14! I think about you and pray for you every day! Keep it up!

Anna* said...

Hey love! what a great story! i love hearing those about you. they are a constant reminder of how strong and determined you are. thinking and praying for you everyday! i love you a ton and dont you never ever forget it! please txt me when you are having a good day! i really want to see you! keep being strong! ily! <3 anna*

grz said...

hey liz:)
that sounded just like you. I love your personality and I love you to death. There is no doubt in my head that you will always be strong and willing to fight through anything you need to. I will try to see you soon.
love, emily

Paige :) said...

1. that sounds so exciting
2. you would be the one to jump in front and be like " i'll go first, pick me, pick me!" and thats what i love about you!
3. you are so brave and strong, you can do anything.
4. it was great to see you up and walking on the blog 'orange tuesday'
5. this list could go on forever and ever and i have only so much room. so i will sum the rest up for you . . .
it sounds like you are doing better everyday. it is a shame there is no orange nail polish :( i still pray every night and will keep praying. you look great with a smile on your face. hold on and never give up. we are trying to plan a visit soon :) i can't wait! you are the beat to my heart, the grape to my grape vine, the smile on my face. i love you!


The Quigleys said...

Hi lizzie,

We wish we were still by your side! We arrived home around 9pm tonight. Mako was very happy to see us. The pictures posted tonight, show just how brave you are! We are so lucky to have you in our life and to be family. Sleep well tonight.
love always,
Aunt Cec and the boys

ashley said...

as you know i went to the same camp that you and your dad went to this summer, with my dad. i know how much courage it took to get up that pole and take a leap. i think its amazing how you completely trusted the situation and let god take it into his hands. i know you already are but i want to encourage you to continuing trusting in jesus to take care of you. i dont really know you but i wanted to let you know that i have been praying for you everyday, and that i hope you see gods grace through this trial. i am thinking about you, and i hope you are feeling better soon.

ashley bradley