Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Preliminary results look great

Just received the call from our one and only amazing Dr. Jen Pope, and the preliminary results look great. She said "all three lines look great". They did not see any leukemic blasts in the marrow, all they could see is very healthy mature cells. The culture tests for bacteria will be done tomorrow but they feel pretty good that it is just her marrow saying hold on. As Angela, our nurse practitioner, so eloquently put it "BACK OFF, MAD MARROW". I love it, I think I am going to have a shirt made with just that saying on it. We all got a pretty good laugh at that in the recovery room.

Please continue to pray that these preliminary results are correct. We will not have a 100% answer until tomorrow sometime. I will post again tomorrow with the conclusive result.

Our plan as of today is: blood draw at Liberty on Tues., with an admit on Wed. to finish out this devilish phase. I truly get why they call it Delayed now.

Liz is resting pretty comfortable at home, not in too much pain from the bone marrow procedure, hopefully she will stay that way. Her ANC is still below 500 but They have given her permission to go to Mason's Red, Rhythm, and Boom on Fri.

Thank you for being faithful especially when I get weak and scared. I love all of you and YOU give me inspiration.

Blessings to all,


Lisa M said...

Checking in from vacation. Great news! I'm continuing to pray. Hang in there!!!!

Ronda Bowman said...

Outstanding news! Continue to be tough Liz! Thoughts and prayers are with you -The Bowman's

Cindy Dodson said...

Many thoughts and prayers were on you guys this weekend from the Sports Express JO Volleyball girls. Our bodies were in Louisville, but our hearts were in Mason w/Liz! So glad to hear the encouraging news! Sounds like that Mad Marrow is getting the "time out" that it needs!