Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All of our prayers are answered, AMEN!

Dr. Jen, called and gave me the wonderful conclusive news that her bone marrow is just worn out. It is mad, tired, and wants to be left alone. I have news for that marrow, it is going to be hit very hard again before we hit maintenance. Dr. Jen said it looks beautiful, no leukemic cells or bacteria in her marrow. There are just a few good cells that are developed and developing and it just will take a bit for the cells to fully regenerate. I will take that!

The new game plan is: blood work at Liberty on Tuesday morning, with an admit on Wednesday to continue this DI1 phase out. I swear it has been day 29 for four weeks now. I feel like it is Ground Hogs Day over and over and over again and I am ready to break that cycle. Keep praying and God will answer. In order for her to have the admit her ANC needs to be 750 and her platelets 75K. Her platelets have been fine for this entire delay, they have been waiting for the ANC's to come to the party.

Elizabeth told me that her heart was lighter and I must admit mine is too. After Jen called I fell asleep for at least two hours. I guess I was pretty relieved and the exhaustion hit hard. All the mental worry and stress is behind us and we will move forward from this on our way to maintenance and a cure.

Liz was given the OK by her Doctors to go to Mason's Red Rhythm and Boom on Fri. and she is so excited. We will see you if you go but if not, have a wonderful 4th of July.

Please pray for:
Alex, that he remains as pain free as possible and leaves nothing unsaid to those he loves
Leah's fever breaks and her sores close up
For Lizzy's ANC to reach 750 and to finish out this phase strong.

Keep praying and blessings,



Lisa M said...

Still not home, but checking in from the road - GREAT NEWS!!!! My heart feels lighter too so I can only imagine the magnitude of such for each of you. YEA!!!!!

Cindy Dodson said...

Hurray, hurray! I looked up w/gratitude when I read this wonderful news! Take another nap tomorrow, Christine! I'm going to call my mom I am so excited! My Dad will be excited as well, although he will swear it was the beef jerkey that did the trick, haha!

~Paige~ said...

hey its em and paige!
we just wanted to say we love you and are thinking of you and praying for you! its great to hear that your bone marrow was good! keep the faith and stay strong! BELIEVE!!!!!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

omg this is too cute

Daniella said...

WOOHOO for your wonderful bone marrow results! I am sooo happy to hear that everything is ok and your poor marrow is just worn out. You are doing so amazingly well and just remember that each day is one closer to being cured.

Sending lots of positive thoughts and energy your way


Aunt Patti said...

Lizzie Grace,
What a wonderful big cousin you are to Blake. We love you very much and are so hap hap happy that your results came back positive. You gave us a scare....but we know you're a fighter. Miss and Love ya!!!!!
Aunt Patti, Scott and Blake