Friday, June 26, 2009

Clinic visit today

Thought you would like to see my good looking husband! :-)

Liz and I headed down to Children's for our clinic visit today. It was much smoother and quicker than I had anticipated. After the initial exam. they felt that most of the issues were on the mend and therefore did not need any type of cultures done. With that being said, her counts are still at 290 (ANC).

We will have labs done early Monday morning and that will dictate what our next step is. If her ANC reaches 750, she will be admitted on Tuesday to finish out this Delayed Intensification Phase I. If not, she will have a bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday to check her marrow for any bacteria, virus, or Leukemic cells. The docs are saying that her falling out of remission is possible but it is not what they are thinking. They said it is hardly on their radar but it needs to be looked at due to the excessive delay. All indications point to the chemo working and all other markers and counts are up where they should be. One of the doc's put it best by saying "her marrow is weak, it has been hit with very toxic drugs. We have been at this for eight months now and her marrow has had enough. We could potentially see delays like this again." He went on to explain that the younger kids tend to spring back within the normal time frame but the older kids with Leukemia usually take a bit longer for their counts to bounce back. All in all it was a good visit and only about three hours. Let me tell you that is record breaking speed.

Liz is nervous but as spunky and upbeat as always. God is very good to her in that way. She is always looking positively at her situation. She makes it easy to go through this.

Leah is now out of ICU, test are not complete so I am not sure of the reason/s for her fevers. They have removed her central line due to it being a point of infection and there was one there. Please continue to lift Leah, Ellen, and Tony, her mom and step dad, up in prayer.

Please pray for:
Elizabeth's ANC to reach 750 to begin on Tuesday
spirits to remain strong
faith to remain strong
and for her second families on A5 South

Thank you for being faithful to Liz and the Lothrop family.

May God bless you richly.



Christina Schnitzler said...

Haha that picture made me laugh out loud!:) too cute! <3Christina

Kelly said...

i love the picture, its so cute.

The Merklinger Family said...

This picture is hilarious! Love it! Enjoy your weekend :-)

Annette said...

Going for some comic relief Randy? Sorry but the wig looks much better on Liz. Of course, Liz looks great in anything. Praying for the ANC to go up, up, up!

cath said...

We continue to pray in Mexico. Randy, what can I say. Kinda looks like Wayne's world or something. Liz, praying that God continues to show you His shelter. Psalm 91