Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 26 of DI 1

We are now into day 26 of this phase, remember our life runs in days in a phase, not days of the month. I don't even know what the true day of this month is now that is pretty bad.

Liz has lost her hair and is sporting beautiful wigs that we bought at the Tri-County Mall in the store called Hair Max Beauty Supply. The prices were outstanding and I will be putting that information in the parent lounge at Children's. The wig places that "claim" to be there to help these children and families out during this hard time should be ashamed of themselves, charging $1000.00 to $3500.00 for one synthetic or human hair wig. We bought four wigs, two human hair and two synthetic for $461.00 total and they are awesome! They may not last two years but she is not going to be bald for two years; as you can see I feel very passionate about this. Some children want hair but do not qualify for aid but can not afford to buy a wig at that price with all the other bills coming in but this is a place where anyone call afford a wig if they want. Enough of my rantings; all that matters is that we found great wigs at awesome prices and are going to share that info. with the other families. :-)

Liz has been in a lot of pain lately. They believe it is due to the steroid she was on or the chemo, Vincristine. If the pain does not subside by Tuesday, they will do x-rays and bone scans to make sure her bones are holding up under the effects of the drugs.

Visitors are limited due to her ANC being only 430. Please call before coming to visit and make sure if you are sick or think you are sick you choose another time to come and visit, also remember to use the hand sanitizer when you come into the house. There is one coming into the house from the garage and one on the wall in the entry way. Her ANC is her immune system and right now she has none. Lizzy's platelets are down to 51k. These two counts need to be ANC 750 and platelets 75k to finish out this phase on June 9.

Please pray for the following:
The families and children on A5 South.
Counts to go up so we do not have a delay.
pain to subside in her arm and legs.
Continued stable health.

Thank you for all the prayers you have sent Lizzy's way and continue to do so. It has made her journey much more do-able.

Blessings and prayers,


Morgan said...

Dear Lothrop family,

We know exactly what you mean about the wigs. However, I found a place called WigsForKids in Rocky River, OH and they will custom make a human hair wig for Liz at no charge. Our daughter Morgan was the recipient of one of their wigs last summer when she lost her hair due to chemo. For more information, go to God bless,

Reena McDonald

Unknown said...

Can we donate her hair to this place? She cut off 10" when she was diagnosed and we would love to send it to a place where they truly help and care for these individuals.
I will post this in the parent lounge at Children's too.
Thanks for sharing and I pray your daughter is doing well.

Morgan said...

Christine & Randy,
Yes, you can donate her hair to WigsForKids. They are a fantastic group of people. Go to their website for their phone number.
They are the only organization that I could find who help children for absolutely no cost. When my daughter's wig came, the box was filled with approx. $250 worth of products.
Morgan is doing well. Her hair is now growing back in.

christmas story said...

Christine - let's talk. Maybe I can help with getting these 2 great stores as part of the mainstream options at the hospital. I think this is important for the families and the children.