Friday, June 12, 2009

My Fundraising Page

My Fundraising Page
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I know this picture has been on the blog before but the detail of these children have not. The kid's in the picture have cancer. One has a brain tumor, one has AML, two have relapsed from ALL, one has even had a bone marrow transplant, one is a new diagnoses of ALL and one has sarcoma, soft tissue tumors. All the precentages of the outcome are different but what is not different is the fight to cure them all. You have the opportunity to help in this war.

Hello Everyone,

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Some of you may be aware that Liz and Joel Brown, her classmate and friend that was diagnosed four months before Liz with ALL, have been asked to be the Honored Hero's of Mason's chapter for Light the Night. Light the Night is an organization that provides millions of dollars a year for critical research for a cure. In the 50's, the cure rate for Leukemia was only about 3-4%, today it is at 85% and we owe the thanks to organizations like Light the Night, Relay for Life, and other wonderful organizations.

I know that a lot of you have given so much to this cause already and I am extremely grateful so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Along with this honor for Liz and Joel, we as parents are responsible to raise money to help the cause. Our goal, the Brown's and Lothrop's together, is $4000.00. If you feel led to give to this pediatric cancer cause, great! You can go to the link above and give. Basically it costs $25 if you wish to carry a lighted balloon. Gold is in memory of someone, red is, I believe for the participant, and white is for the survivor or the one going through this ordeal. Shirts are $100.00, I KNOW, very expensive, but for a good cause. We have a solution ..... we are saving you several dollars by letting you purchase shirts for $10.00, these are the ones we sold at BW3. The front says "We fight, We win" and the back says "blazin with <3," <3 means heart or love so the saying is "blazin with love." Several people already have these shirt and we have a few medium and large left so we decided to sell what is left and give the proceeds to Light the Night for research for pediatric cancers. I am hoping to make this walk a huge success. Cancer has touched at least 98% of us in some way or another. It is not a new concept for us. it is a volatile and vicious disease that does either one or several things to the victim. It claims their lives, leaves them with disabilities, or leaves them like it found them, healthy. It is our hope and mission to leave them like the latter, like it found them, healthy.

I understand that there are a lot of horrific diagnosis's out in this world and they all deserve the same hunt for the cure. We all have our own interests, but if you do not and you are seeking a cause to give to, one that touches so many lives, I urge you to consider this one.

We will be wearing the shirts the night of the walk, which is September 17, 2009. This will help show support for Joel, Liz, and all children with cancer. Even if you can not give, please consider coming out on that special evening and walking with us. Your physical support means as much to Liz, Joel, and the families as anything. If you can not make it, please take a moment that evening and pray for the children and families that are going through this ordeal and for the ones that have lost their battle.

Please, check in frequently at the sight just so you can see how we are doing and to PRAY for us.

Love and prayers to you and yours,
Christine and Randy


Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

I'm in!

Annette said...

Count the Sargents in for Light the Night. We are all raising money this summer by doing various jobs. Awesome photo Liz and we are praying for you, and all the kids everyday. Love, Sargents