Monday, June 29, 2009

Gods timing and his purpose not mine

I know that you were waiting for this update and I am sorry that it is not the news we were praying for. Lizzy's count for her ANC was only at 360. Silver lining, it went up, grey cloud, not high enough. We will be heading to Children's tomorrow for a bone marrow biopsy to see what is going on with her marrow. Is the cancer fighting back, does she have a virus or bacteria in her marrow, is the marrow just sick and tired of all the toxins we have to put into her system for her to be cured of this disease? We will have the preliminary results tomorrow night and the conclusive results sometime on Wednesday. I will post again tomorrow night after one of her docs call and then again on Wednesday when we receive the conclusive result.

Even though this is a scary time for us without conclusive answers we still have great hope that she will be cured. Our God is a mighty God, a sovereign God and he knows what is best for Liz and our family. I will continue to hold fast and strong to his words.

Please pray for the following
Alex and his family as they prepare for the end with Alex. Give them peace and understand in this extremely hard and sad time. Allow Gods peace to wash over them and bath them in his love.
For Elizabeth's team of doctors and all the doctors on A5 of Children's
The wonderful staff that takes such good care of Elizabeth
For the bone marrow biopsy to show that the cancer is still in remission

Keep praying!


Leigh Ann said...

Praying for you all!
Leigh Ann

Christina Schnitzler said...

Praying EXTRA EXTRA hard!!!!!!!!!<3Christina

aaron said...

I was thinking of the number "750" all morning for Liz....I'll just have to think about it harder and more often!

Lisa Rowell

Kelly said...

I wore my Liz shirt today and prayed really hard, especially at 7:50 last night and this morning. All in gods time i guess.