Thursday, June 25, 2009

Counts too low

I just received the call from Children's and Liz's ANC count has drooped even lower, it has gone from 500 to 290. Due to the critical delay we are in with her counts, Liz will not be able to have any visitors. She is at a point where her body is like a sponge and will attract any bacteria sickness you have whether you know you have anything or not. I can not take any chances with her health.

Here is the game plan: We have clinic with an extensive physical exam tomorrow at 9:30am, on Monday we will go have labs drawn at Liberty early in the morning, IF her ANC is up to 750 she will be admitted to Children's on Tuesday with an LP/interthecal Methotrexate (chemo), Cytrabine (ARAc)another type of chemo. If her counts are still too low she will have a bone marrow biopsy on Tues. to see what is going on with her cells. If you have seen Liz lately then you know that the chemo is working. She has lost her hair. They tell us that is a good sign because once it takes care of the Leukemic cells it then goes for all the other fast growing cells and the ones left are typically the good cells. The chemo kills off all cells, good and bad.

I must admit I am scared by the long delay and what a bone marrow biopsy means. I know what they have told me and I also have been around just long enough to understand what they are not saying. Every time I would try to ask/voice the questions/concern that was going on in my head I would say to them "never mind I do not need to go there until it is necessary." These thoughts are not helpful to anyone especially Liz.

Please, I know I say this every time and you are probably sick of hearing me ask this but please pray for Liz. I just want God to take it away from her and for Liz to no longer suffer. I understand life goes on for everyone not living in this house. Our lives are forever changed; we live and breath it every second. That is why I am always asking for you to PRAY. I know you don't mean to forget but life has a way of moving forward and unless you live in this house and I am pretty sure I know who does, I certainly pray that your life has moved forward and you do not live and breath this nightmare. I pray that for all of you daily and I sincerely mean that.

For those that have asked for Leah's care page, google care pages and look up Leah Renee Jordan. No Elizabeth will not be able to attend camp due to the delays. Thank you for asking.

Please pray for:
Peace of mind and body for the Lothrop family
For Alex and his family, that they may find some sort of peace during this difficult time
for the cause of Leah's fevers to be know and stop
the staff that take such great care of Elizabeth
and for all the families and children on A5 South.

Blessings and prayers,


Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

I'm so sorry about the plummeting counts! The doctors will do what they feel is necessary. Do not borrow trouble if you can help it! I know it's hard to keep your mind from spinning that way, but keep trying. It's a small consolation, but we don't forget about Liz, not even for a day. I know my whole family prays every day for you guys. My nephew & niece (4 & 3) even include Liz, Joel & Leah in their prayers at night. Rest up this weekend. By the time I get back, there better be some good news!

The Merklinger Family said...

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you guys. Hang in there...this is just another bump in the road.

Lisa M said...

I do realize that so many lives go on and over time there is less and less attention it can seem, but I'm confident many, many people read the blog and PRAY. I continue to post comments even when I know I have nothing original to offer just so you know that Liz and the whole Lothrop family are not forgotten and I, and many others, are still praying. I'm going out of town for a week, but will continue to check the blog from my BlackBerry....hoping that works! Nonetheless....ceaseless prayer. said...

Though I rarely post, I think about you all and pray for Liz, Leah, and all of the kids on A5S daily. Hang in there!
BIG hugs to you and fingers crossed for ascending counts,
Trisha Kniskern (Becca's mom)

Christina Schnitzler said...

There's not a day that goes by that the Lothrop family is not on my mind. Liz i think and pray for you constantly and i'm confident that God will sustain you. Sending my BIGGEST prayers your way. Lots of love, Christina

colette said...
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colette said...

Oops, have to try that again! Liz and your family are always in our family prayers- i'm sure many readers are like me and rarely comment but rarely forget you. (my daughter kailen is in liz's grade)