Thursday, June 18, 2009


SURPRISE ....... we are not going in tomorrow as planned. She is delayed again. Elizabeth's counts were on the rise and we were sure she would make tomorrow but her ANC has dropped down below 500. All of her other counts are behaving and going in the correct direction. Please pray that they stay that way and add the ANC's to it. This will be her third delay in this phase trying to finish it out. She will have limited visiting privileges because she runs a great risk of infection.

On the bright side, she will get to start school and be in more than we thought during her first two trimesters. The bummer is it just keeps delaying the start of maintenance. As it looks, she will not be able to attend the camp put on by Children's Hospital Oncology Staff, Liz was looking forward to going to that. Joel, Leah, Bobby, and Critter are all going to attend.

If you get a chance, go to my fundraising page at:

Save the date ... Sept. 17, 2009 for Light The Night.

Please pray for the following:
Her friend Alex and his family. Hospis has been called into help with the needs of the family
The kid's and families on A5 South
ANC's to go up so we can continue on next Tues.
For Strength and understanding in difficult times.

I hope I can one day shine as bright as the children do on A5 South.



Melissa Lohman Grablovic said...

Oh no! That stinks! I'm so sorry there's another delay. We'll keep praying for you guys and the others.

Morgan said...

Your family is definatley in our prayers :-)

Reena McDonald

The Quigleys said...

Sorry to hear another delay. Stay strong Liz and we will keep praying.
We love you more than anything lizzie..

Lisa M said...

Huge Bummer - once again. Does this mean she'll be feeling pretty good for Father's Day though and able to enjoy a day with Randy? Hope so! So glad to hear she'll be able to go to school this fall - while others of us are wanting to hang on to summer, I'm sure you are wanting fall here now!
Hugs, Lisa

Annette said...

Great to see the whole family in church on Sunday! We miss you there and are praying for you on the church prayer team. Love and hugs, Annette