Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please Pray

Do you remember a while back when I asked you to pray for a young boy named Alex? Well the time has come for you to pray for Alex, his parents, Dale and Sally, and his siblings.

All chemos and experimental chemos have failed and Alex will be going home to our Lord soon. Please pray for this wonderful family and the terrible loss that they and this world are about to endure; they are giving them about two months.

Life is really not fair at times and being with these families and making friends with them knowing that some will survive and some will not is hard. We have seen a lot of children not make it but never one that was a close friend, one that was diagnosed just shortly after Liz.

There are miracles in this world and we can pray the God will show us one in Alex.

Please pray for that miracle and pray for God's peace and strength for this wonderful family.



Annette said...

We will pray for Alex and the family. Sorry for the sad news.

Robin OK said...

Oh Christine,
I am sending prayers of love and release, with tears...

Lisa M said...

Just heartbreaking - I had no idea he was diagnosed just after Liz. It puts into perspective how with all the delays, side effects, etc Liz really is doing well.

I'm praying daily for Alex and his family as well as you guys.