Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day two of chemo

Liz was doing well until this morning. She woke up vomiting and I woke up to the noise of it. I am not sure which is worse...OK yes I am.. definitely the one vomiting has it worse. She still has about six to seven more hours with chemo running into her system and then they will start to flush it out. She will be sleeping most of the day due to the drugs they gave her so she would stop vomiting. Sorry dear, I know you hate that word but I can not remember how to spell emisis correctly and I am too tired to google it. :-D

Please pray that she holds her own for the rest of the day and we are out of here on Sat.
Pray for minimal side effects. She did well with this the last time around but she is getting over a cold so who knows why her body is screaming this time.

Playtime is over for her and Leah today. Leah is having her appendix removed as I type. Please pray all goes well and no infection will occur in her body.

Blessings to all of you and have a wonderful day.



Lisa M said...

Praying, praying, praying for both Liz and Leah!

Kathy Denlinger said...

Dear Christine and Lizzie,
Kendra and I have been praying for Lizzie almost every night. I've also put her on several prayer chains. My son-in-law, Joel, had his bone marrow transplant on Feb. 10th and got out of the hospital on March 13th. They stayed in an apartment across the street from the hospital for the first two weeks, and finally got to go home to Muncie, IN last Thursday. Joel still has to go down to IU Hospital in Indy twice a week for labs, but we are praising the Lord for his progress.

Kendra got 10" of hair cut off last Monday so she could donate to locks of love. She wanted to do it for Liz, since she's seen Joel without hair lots of times in the past year. Her hair hasn't been this short since she was about 3.

We'll add Leah to our prayer list. We love you guys.

Kathy and Kendra Denlinger

Aunt Patti said...

Can't stop thinking about you. I know how much you can't stand getting sick. Who can blame you. I love you Grace....stay strong!
Love Aunt Patti

Hunter Britt's Parents said...

We continue to pray for Liz and she is on our church's prayer list. We also pray for Joel and Leah! Liz is one of the strongest people I know, and so are all of you. God is giving you strength that I bet you never even imagined!

Cindy Dodson said...

Lizzy, girl, you stay strong and fight off this vomiting stuff so your mom doesn't have to hear you and wake up! We hope and pray that you have a good night's sleep and a much better day tomorrow. Thinking of you always!
Mrs. D.

Annette said...

Hi all the Lothrops!
Sorry about the vomit. I am experiencing my own. Yesterday in my class at the gym a little girl lost it 3 times. I felt so bad for her. Guess who felt sick last night and today? Me! Guess we can all play vomit tag. It is no fun Liz and we are praying for you tonight and often. Sorry I cannot come and see you since I am sick.We are praying for Leah too. The appendix thing is no fun either on top of chemo. Love to you all, Annette

Max and Maddie Family said...

Keep the faith! Last night the Millers went to LaRosa's to support all of our friends! Ms. Kortney was in my 3 year old CFP class at St. Susanna's. It is such a small world we live in.

Any way - thinking of you all and hoping that today you are feeling 100% better.
God Bless,
Max, Maddie, Tom and Jackie

hellmank said...

Hey Liz,
So glad to hear you are "on the road again!" I was reading a blog from another kid my age who was diagnosed with cancer almost a year ago and continues to fight his battle. On one of the blogs was an uplifting saying of What Cancer Cannot do and wanted to share with you. Sometimes it is hard to look at the other side of what cancer can not do when in reality we hear about all the things cancer is doing to so many. Hope you enjoy and look at all the positives that I did! :)

It cannot cripple Love
It cannot shatter Faith
It cannot corrode Hope
It cannot destroy Peace
It cannot kill Friendship
It cannot suppress Memories
It cannot silence Courage
It cannot invade the Soul
It cannot steal Eternal Life
It cannot conquer the Spirit

At the end his mom added "It can not diminish a mother and father's love" which I know your parents feel the same way!! Keep fighting, you're an amazing girl!

Katie Hellman

Kelly said...

It was amazing seeing Liz yesterday, even though she was tired and had a dazed over look from all the medicine/chemo. I was happy i got the chance to go see her and her mom as well, and i met lots of great people like Alex's mom and even saw Leah through the doorway(she's so cute!).

I will continue to pray for Liz, Alex and Leah, as well as A5S families in general.