Saturday, April 25, 2009

Relay for Life!

With Leah & Liz admitted on A5 South... Joel represented them both quite well!! Awesome evening!


Kelly said...

I am glad joel was there to represent leah and liz! My mom is a nurse at bethesda north on the 5th floor(oncology) 300 tower, and she called me today to tell me that she was taking care of Joel's grandmother! She told me how sweet she is. I'm glad that it sounds like Liz is continuing with treatment!
My heart goes out to how strong Leah, Joel and Liz are, and their parents both!!!!!

I will continue to pray for all of you as well as the other families on A5S!

Stay Strong,

Christine, Randy said...

You are such a great guy. No matter what I threw at you that night to do, you just did it without resistance and with a smile on your face, then you left early just to go visit Liz in the hospital. It made her night. Thanks for always being Joel.

Mrs. Lothrop