Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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Figure out the title of this one! I have to be creative because the same thing keeps happening...delays...a clue, it keeps repeating.....groundhogs day!
Oh well the delalys are not freaking me out any more thanks to your prayers.

Elizabeth's ANC is still too low to finish out Interim Phase I tomorrow. Her ANC is down to 410 and needs to be at 750. Her platelets are high enough at 104k. They are thinking that it might be due to the 6mp pill that she takes. This is a chemo pill that will be a staple throughout her protocol so they will be doing a blood test on Fri. to see how her body metabolizes the pill. They may have to adjust her dosing of this pill.

Numbers, numbers, numbers, I am surrounded by numbers. One of the dads on the floor said to Elizabeth "someday when a guy asks you for your number, you are going to say "well, my ANC is..., and my platelets are... Oh, you mean my phone number." She got a pretty good chuckle out of it.

Please pray for her ANC to rise.
Catherine's Relay for Life event to be successful.
for minimal side effects.

Blessings and have a great week. I will be back on Friday to update you


Lisa M said...

gniyarp! :)

McDowellK said...

liz, it was great seeing you back in school today :) i cant wait until schools over so we can hang out a ton more. your doing great keep fighting!!

love you

cath said...

Want you to know we continue to pray for you in Mexico. Can't imagine how trying this is. We are claiming the promises of God that His grace is sufficient for you.

Cat said...

haha awww :-) finally a not fat picture of me!

Jamie DeMumbrum said...

Thanks so much for the updates.
Will continue praying for Liz and you all!