Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home again

Hello fellow followers,
We are home and doing great. Liz just came back from having sushi with her cousin-in-law Rich. She went shopping yesterday with her grandmother, looking for hat to replace the hair that is coming out. On Sat. she had her friend Brittany spend the night.
While in the hospital, Brittany and her mom Cindy came down to visit; they were involved with all the practical joke that Liz, Leah, Critter, and Bobby were playing on unsuspecting parents and staff. I watched them on Elizabeth's computer and just laughed.

On to more serious stuff-yuck-. We will go this Thursday for her four hour test, the GFR. This test is done routinely before every admit with the high dose Methotrexate they will also draw her blood to see if her count are high enough to receive the Methotrexate. Platelets need to be 75k and her ANC 750. The GFR is to make sure that her kidneys are functioning properly and will be able to handle her admit on Tuesday, April 14, this will be the last admit with high dose Methotrexate.

Our next move is into the Delayed Intensification, that's right INTENSIFICATION. That word says it all. Three of the chemo drugs she will receive, Vincristine, Daunorubicin, and Pegaspargase, will cause all of her counts to drop for the 57 plus days she will be in this phase. She will also be on the ARAC or as she fondly calls it "AR stinking C". This drug is what through her in the hospital at Christmas.
This drugs side effects are flu like symptom, aches, fever, nausea and several others that come with most of the chemotherapy's she receives. The others side effects are more dangerous to the body's vital organs.

We will continue to enjoy this reprieve from the debilitating side effects of the other chemotherapys. Each day is a blessing from our Lord whether we are sick or healthy. Spring is a time of rebirth and growth. It is a gift from God, a treasure to behold, new life for all that has been dormant for the winter. A time for Liz to live.

Please continue to pray for:
The patients, families, and staff that work so hard to heal these children.
mouth sores.
minimal side effects.
she is a go for April 14.
Lizzy's overall health.

Blessings and continued prays,


Darrell and Barb said...

Hi Lothrops,
So happy to hear that Liz is having some "good days". We are praying for all of you. Liz, look for the poster signed by all of the FGCU volleyball girls. I understand Ashley was mailing it to you this week. We were happy to see Randy and Jimmy last week. Had some good conversation and "learning experiences". We hope that you will be totally well very soon and that we may get to see you at the G.I. pool.
Love you,
Darrell and Barb

Lisa M said...

Enjoy this Easter week and so glad Liz is feeling well this week! I hate to think of her losing her hair, but I know she is beautiful inside and out, hair or not - not all of us are! :)
Praying, praying as intensification awaits. I think Liz needs to come up with a good name for that phase just like she did with the "stinkin' C"!
Blessings - Lisa

kaylamcdowell said...

liz im glad your doing well and i miss you a ton!! I cant wait to see you :)


Cindy Dodson said...

Seriously. Sushi again?! You are going to start growing scales! Really though, it's so good to know you are eating well and feeding your body. Blessings to the whole Lothrop family and extended family during this holy week. It's a good time to say a few extra prayers and feed the spirit of prayer this blog has offered us all. I know I have become better at prayers of Thanksgiving because there have been so many points at which to be thankful in Liz's treatment, especially at the beginning with all the bullets she dodged. Praying for continued good news and continued healing!
The Dodsons

Coach K said...

Dear Liz
Happy Spring from the Steedlys'. As we celebrate Lakin turning 10 on the 14th, we will hopefully be celebrating your last high dose admit on the 14th. The Steedly's forever keep you in our prayers. So many times when I, personally, want to take charge of my children or things in my life...I take a deep breath and think of you...and I change my "tone" as leader to a follower of the One, who I know is in charge....And I listen, trust, hope, and believe. You are such a pro now at "rolling with the punches." Just please, please, keep punching back....Love you.
Coach K -