Saturday, April 11, 2009

possible delay again....

I love Easter. It is a time of reflection, growth, and meditation. It boggles my mind to think of what Christ did for us. When I think about it there is nothing that I would not due for my children to save them. We are blessed to have him as our ultimate father.

Elizabeth is doing well. She has had mouth sores again. I thought we made it through this round without getting them. She always gets them before she is even finished receiving the high dose Methotrexate. This time she did not start getting them until she was six days out. Liz does not eat much during this time because the mouth gets pretty sore and her jaws becomes stiff. She is still suffering from them but they are getting better.

It is a good possibility that Elizabeth will not be able to continue on this Tuesday, April 14. On Thursday she had her four hour GFR test to make sure her kidneys are functioning and filtering properly; she also had a CBC, complete blood count. Her ANC's were high at 1880, WBC was 2.3, Hemeglobin was 11.7 BUT, I really don't like that word any more, her platelets were at 57k. Doctor Jen asked me to have her blood check on Saturday, April 11, at Liberty Children's Outpatient. She wanted to see which way her platelets were going. I am sad to say that they have continued to go down; platelets are now at 36k. Dr. Jen said it does not look good for Tuesday but Liz will have another CBC on Monday and this will confirm if we are a go for Tuesday or not. ANC has to be 750 and platelets have to be at least 75k. They have these numbers in place to signify if her body is strong enough to move forward. Her body needs to do this on its own. They will transfuse her if she falls into the low 20k because it becomes to dangerous for her with bleeding.

Elizabeth continues to amaze me. Her attitude is upbeat and spirits high all the time. I marvel at her because her faith is so strong and she is always willing to put herself on the line to help anyone she can.

Please continue to pray for:
Liz's basketball teammate, Taylor, who lost her mother to cancer last week. We will be attending the viewing on Monday and the Funeral on Tuesday if all her counts are good.
The children and families on A5 South.
Mouth sores to heal.
Minimal side effects.
Platelets to rise.
ANC's to stay high.
The staff that takes care of her.
Prayers for yourself as well.

I will continue to pray for blessings from our Lord for all of us!

Blessings and Happy Easter!



Christina Schnitzler said...

Happy Easter Lothrop family! May God Bless each and every one of you. Liz- i continue to pray for you daily, and every time you cross my mind (which is quite often :) Many prayers and lots of love, Christina

Lisa M said...

Happy Easter, Lothrops! He is Risen and has fulfilled, for all of us, our ultimate need of healing and forgiveness. He Rose - he can do ANYTHING! I continue to claim it for Liz and all of us.
Easter Blessings, Lisa

kaylamcdowell said...

Happy Easter !! it was so nice to see liz and coach randy at the volleyball tournament. we were all so excited :)

have a great day !!

Hunter Britt's Parents said...

Happy Easter! What a wonderful day for us all to remember the wonderful gift we've been given. The Britts will continue to pray for you all and that Liz's platlets will be on the rise!