Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Wow, what a wonderful way to show your love and support for Elizabeth, the Lothrop's, and for the awareness of Leukemia. I can not even begin to explain how it felt for our family to walk into Abuelo's Tuesday night and see so many of our family and friends out to support us. Sometimes, while in the hospital, waiting for the next doctor, nurse, health care worker, therapist, phlebotomist, or whom ever to walk through the door, it could feel very lonely and scary at times. Please know from the depths our our hearts how much Tuesday has rejuvenated our spirits.

A special thank you goes out to Mike Fatzinger, General Manager of Abuelo's and Karen Turner, a sixth grade teacher on Team Success at Mason Intermediate for making this wonderful fundraiser happen. Mike is also a cancer survivor and felt it was his time to give back. Thank you for making such an investment in my family and bringing more awareness in the field of Leukemia.
We realize that there were many people who were out to support us at lunch, through carry out, and dinner before 7:00 pm, when we arrived; we just want you to know that we are very thankful for each and every one of you and you have made a difference in the life of Elizabeth.
Our day began with our weekly visit to the clinic on the 5Th floor of Children's Hospital. Elizabeth received her ARA-c, chemo through an IV. We were then transported to 3rd floor building B for surgery to put in her port. This is placed above her breast on the left side. When the surgeon was finished, Dr. Absolon, her Oncologist, came over to finish up by doing the IT MTX, chemo in the spine. The entire procedure took about one hour. We left the hospital at 6:15 pm and made it to Abuelo's at 7:00 pm to celebrate and support Elizabeth. I kept whispering in her ear "Abuelo's" while she was waking up and telling her everyone was waiting. It was really important for Elizabeth to make it to Abuelo's and see everyone. Thank God she felt well enough to make it to the fundraiser.
We have survived our first week of me giving Elizabeth her chemo. It is not as hard as what I thought it would be. It is just a bit daunting when you allow yourself to think and understand what it is you are giving your child. I use to panic giving them Motrin or Tylenol and now I am giving chemotherapy. Elizabeth has had a semi rough week. Her body does not like the ARA-c that I have to give her; it causes Liz to have bad headaches. She is now off of it for two weeks and we could not be happier.
Our family wish is that all of you have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful, safe, and healthy New Year and that God will continue to watch over your family and ours.

The Lothrop family

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