Monday, December 22, 2008

Liz's attempt to get you to give blood tomorrow!

For anyone who is wavering on whether or not to give blood tomorrow, Liz thought she could intimidate you with her overall size and girth!
Coincidentally, Liz has received FIVE pints of blood in the last two days!!!


Anna* said...

Hey love! i just wanted to say hey and check in on you! and you know me by now that i have a story!
i was watching the today show this morning and there was a story about a 14 year old named chealsea. she was born with a health disorder and shes been really sick almost all her life. in september chealsea got pnumonia. they took her to the hospital and the doctors put her on life support. then the doctor and her mom decided it wasnt fair to make chealsea live that way and they were going to let her go. an hour after they took her off, her mom saw a light outside of their room. imeadiatly after that chealsea got better.
on the tapes of the security camera, there is a bright light outside of her room in the shape of an angel. there is absolutly no doubt in my mind that an angel was looking over chealsea in that hospital. i saw the tape and there is just no other way around it.
later in the show, they had the discussion of what are angels? and how do we become angels? well one of the things they said is an angel is your average everyday person who in some way changes your life for the better and makes your day better. liz you are an angel. you have not only changed my life but you have changed the lives of many other pepole.
well if you want to get the full story you can go on the its really good and they do a much better job of telling it than i do :)
i hope i can see you soon! keep being strong love! i love you a ton and dont you ever forget it!
<3 anna*

Kristi said...

Hey Lothrop's and dear sweet Liz,

I hope this finds you having a better day. I hated to hear that you had a rough time there Lizzy. I hope your days ahead and on your favorite holiday "Christmas" find you feeling your best..The Jones' wish you many blessings and love this Christmas..Our prayers still cry out for you and hold you close to our hearts. We love you all very much..may the spirit of Christmas bring you peace and lots of rest and just enjoying the loved ones around you...and yes, I too believe in Angels! and yes, Liz you have one beside you keeping watch over you Always!! Keep up the spirit, stay strong and let Jesus take the wheel...

Many Blessings,
chuck, Kristi, Luke and Annie