Tuesday, December 2, 2008


First, I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for our friend Deb who does an amazing job educating us on exactly what's going on so that we know what to pray for! She has a way of breaking things down so that common folk(like myself) really understand a whole new vocabulary!
I also wanted to share an e-mail from a friend who is teaching in Cambodia that student taught with me last year at Sycamore. His perspective seems to be right on!

I realize that you probably are getting tons of emails these days, but just wanted to let you know that I checked out the blog and was encouraged and bummed out at the same time. Just sad that she is sick. My primary reaction to tragedy is to just remind myself that God is VERY aware of what is going on and that He hurts deeper and loves more than any of us (even incredible dad's like you) could.
AND, that NOTHING is more powerful than our Father, Creator, and Lord.
Sorry you are having to go through this. Glad you and your family have so many people who love you.


The Noe's said...

The Truth, so simply stated! AMEN

Cat said...

love that part, "He hurts deeper and loves more than any of us"

Cindy Dodson said...

Hey Liz,
Hope your day is going well. The girls lost their game last night to Lakota Plains. They didn't look that good on the court (neither Britt nor Kayla had a good game), but they sure did look spiffy in their Lizzy warm-up shirts and orange shoe laces!
Go Mason! Go Liz!
Hugs and Kisses!