Thursday, December 4, 2008

OK, had to try one myself!

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Kelli said...

Liz, Randy, Christine, Catherine, and Jim,

We send our love from the Pacific Northwest! Our daughter, Michaela, played basketball with Liz in Mason last year. We live in Sammamish, Washington now. We are praying for Liz and your whole family!

Love and Peace, The Millers

Mike Heydt said...

Hi Guys,
What a wonderful gift to spend Thanksgiving at home!! We love seeing your blog and Im sure that our girls will be dancing with Troy real soon!! :) That was great! We are praying for complete healing and strength and peace for all of you!
In Him,
The Heydts

Ashley Martin said...

hahaha this one is amazing too :)

Paige :) said...

Hey love! its anna! my password wont work so i stole paiges ;) well i can honesyly say i was not expecting that! wow! but i must say you and zac effron would in fact make a lovely couple! lol jkjkjjkjjkjkjk. hahahahhahahahaha!
omg its been much too long since i have seen you! i miss sooooooo much! i havent seen you for what now, 2 weeks? ugh! this will not do! i like have to see you soon!
yes i do know you are a very busy person with all your visits but could you maybe text me and tell me if or when i could come see you? :)
omg that elf video is hilarious! that like totally made my day! where do you find time to make those?!?!?!?! lol well keep it up! i love watching all the videos!
well ill let you off easy tonight and wont make you read an entire book written by the one and only anna starr:)
keep being the liz we all know and love! be strong and fight hard! i love you so much there isnt even words to describe it :) AND DONT YOU EVER FORGET IT! <3 anna*

kathy said...

haha. this was SSOO cute !!! i loved it !! :) i tried to make one, but it wasn't as cute as yours. i know you are having a lot of people coming to visit you, but please let me know a good time to come by cause i really miss you !! i know these have been a hard past few weeks but just stay strong and everyone here at the connor family is praying for you and thinking of you ! well honey, i got to go. be strong lizzy!!

kathy & her family :)