Monday, December 22, 2008

Blood Drive Tomorrow!

Good morning all! Our blood drive tomorrow could not come at a better time. As I write this to you Liz is receiving a blood transfusion.
Someone graciously donated the blood that Liz is receiving with no idea who the recipient would be, that's the Christmas spirit!
Last I heard, we had well over 60 people signed up, that is awesome...sure would be nice if we had another 20 donors!
Call Dan to set up an appointment at our church, Wellspring, right beside Lakota East High School. Here is some of the info:
What: Hoxworth Replace Blood Drive for Liz Lothrop
When: 12:00 - 6:00PM Tuesday December 23
Where: WellSpring Community Church - Worship Center "The Bubble"
Address: 7689 Bethany Rd, Liberty Township - Just East of the Lakota East
Freshman Bd at the intersection of Bethany and I-75 overpass.
Contact: Dan Reed 309-9117 for any questions
Who: Anyone who is 16 (with parental consent) or older
Capacity: Hoxworth is bringing alot of equipment. We will be able to provide spaces for over 100 donors throughout the afternoon. We will be able to do Platelets and Plasma in addition to regular donations. No need to decide on which you want to give until you arrive.
Scheduling: Every 15 minutes from Noon to 6 PM. Call to schedule a time 309-9117
Food: Eat and drink before coming. No caffeine please.
FREE T-SHIRTS for every donor. We will also sign a T-shirt for Liz during the day so it can be presented to her after the drive!
Children 17 and over can donate.
Children who are 16 can donate with a Parental Consent form.
You must weigh at least 110 lbs..
Donors do not need to be a match to Lizzy's blood type (although I hear she is a universal recipient!).
Donors who want to check on whether they can donate based on any medication they are taking (aspirin, ibuprofen, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, recent operations, etc can call Hoxworth at 513-558-1304 prior to making an appointment.

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