Thursday, March 26, 2009

UGH !!!!!!!!!!!! My frustration

Sorry to deliver the bad news ..... Elizabeth is still a no go for her four day admit tomorrow. Her ANC (immune system) has taken another drop. When she left the hospital 15 days ago her ANC was 2380, she dropped to 510 and now down to 420. She can not be around anyone at this time. Please pray because I took her to school today for the Student of the Month. I had myself convinced that she would be ready to go for tomorrow. We will go down to clinic for her breathing treatment, physical, and de-accessing her port. This treatment is to prevent pneumonia.

Please please please pray that she is able to continue on this coming Tuesday.



schatzle said...

We'll keep thinking about you Lothrop family. Awesome seeing you today Liz and Christine! The pink hair is a nice look!

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

Please try not to stress about her being at school today! You are a great mom and doing a great job with the balance of protecting your daughter and still allowing everyone to have some semblance of a life. God will see you through this! Hopefully Liz will be a go for next week.

See ya,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Liz on student of the month! That's great. But darn it on the delay! Leah just kicked her fever today (knock on wood) and the room right across the hall just opened up. We were convinced you were going to be our neighbors. That's OK though. Take care of yourself and focus on getting your ANC up. We'll be impatiently awaiting your arrival. I like the pink hair too! I'm glad you decided to let her do it Christine.

Ellen and Leah

Cindy Dodson said...

Liz, my friend, you're rockin' and rollin' with the new "do"! Congrats on the Student of the Month. Keep that "determination" fresh and your positive attitude overflowing, and the rest of us will be thinking and praying "Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday"! ANC up, spirits up, anxiety down, cancer cells down ... you gotta see it to be it!
Hang in there Lothrops!

Kristi said...

Hey Liz congrats on student of the sure to deserve it... determination has been your middle name lately! keep it up we are very proud of you..Prayers are strong for you.. I am sure you will be ready to go on Tuesday..gets some rest and hang tough..much love from the jones'