Sunday, March 22, 2009

And Counting.......

I just got off the phone with the Fellow, Dr. Fitzgerald, and we are not able to start on Mon. or Tues. Her platelets are 74k and need to be 75k, her ANC needs to be 750 and is 510. Elizabeth's ANC dropped from 2380 to 510. Dr. Fitzgerald said it is partly due to the fact that she has a virus/cold. She said this will take her immune system down quickly because it is already weak.

Unfortunately she will not be able to have any visitors. Her body is still trying to fight this cold and now her immune system is critically low and can not even fight off her own Bactria. She will need as much sleep as possible. This is tough to do because her hemoglobin level is 12.4, the highest it has been since she was diagnose Oct. 25. A normal low is 12....YEAH for Liz!

Please pray that we can move forward in her treatment as soon as possible.
That her counts rise to a save level.
That her cold goes away.
And for all the children and families on A5 South, second home for the Lothrop's :-)



Lisa M said...

PRAYING fervently! Maybe we need another fast? Hmmmm.....

Blessings, Lisa

Christine, Randy said...


Nick King said...

Prayin for ya Liz!

*My brother got rushed to the hospital earlier today and is getting his appendix removed first thing tomorrow morning.. Shouldnt be too serious but again, any surgery is serious! Please also pray for him as well! Thank you!

Aunt Patti said...

Lizzie Grace,
You are always full of suprises. Please take all the precautions you need to get over your cold. I realize it's very hard on you when you can't see your friends...they will be there as soon as they can! Miss you and I'm praying for Leah too.
Love Aunt Patti