Friday, March 27, 2009

Plan 1 or Plan 2

We spent the morning in clinic. Liz had to have her pentaimine treatment. This keeps her airways clean, clear, and is a preventative against pneumonia. She also had to have her port de-accessed. Her ANC's are too low to keep her accessed when she is not receiving chemo; infection can set in easily.

Dr. Absalon, her primary doctor, came in for her physical and talked to us about her counts and the game plan. All level markers indicate that her counts should be going up but instead her ANCs keeps going down. Dr. Absalon feels it could be due to her chemo pill, the 6MP or a possible virus in her bone marrow. It is not uncommon for this pill to be dosed out in different mg. The 6MP is the main staple in her maintenance program.

Plan 1:
I will take her to Children's Outpatient at Liberty, Monday morning for blood work, by noon on Monday we should know if we are a go for Tuesday. Tuesday she will need to be in clinic at 6:30 am for an LP. They will remove fluid from her spine and input chemo into that space. The fluid removed will be sent to lab for examination. This is a check which has been done since the beginning of her diagnoses to make sure there is not cancer in the central nervous system (CNS). Liz will then be admitted for the beginning of her High Dose Methotrexate.

Plan 2:
However, if her counts are not up we will exchange her LP for a bone marrow biopsy. The docs will need to make sure that there is not a virus in her bone marrow. Dr. Absalon said the only way to know if there is is through a bone marrow biopsy. If she has a virus she will be admitted. The docs have a host of options in treatment for this if this is the case. Which treatment????????? You will know when I know so hang in there :)

I must say that having some sort of a "game plan" or direction is much more comforting to me. Whether or not we move on with her protocol on Tuesday or take a detour with a virus in her bone marrow, I am glad that God is giving me a reprieve in my needless worrying. Needless in the respect that I know God has my back and he is my strength and rock through good and bad times. I need to remember to drop my worries at the foot of the cross and let him carry my yoke.

Thank you for praying for my strength. I am back in the saddle and ready for the ride,

Please pray for:
All children/families on A5 South
Counts to go up.
No virus in her bone marrow.
Continued mental and physical strength.
Cold to go AWAY!

I love all of you and I thank you for your prayers, friendship, and support of my family.

God Bless,


Lisa M said...

I LOVE the pink hair. Liz looks like she's ready to rock all over that cancer! Let that pink hair remind you of spring - it's a do over where everything comes back from its dormant stage and flourishes. I picture spring taking place in Liz's body. I'm praying for spring in Liz's body.
Blessings, Lisa

Kristi said...

May peace and love poor over you my dear friend and lizzy girl..your hair looks it.. its so you!!! We will be thinking of you this weekend and hopes for your free and clear go on tuesday..but if not.. know that God has it in his hands and he will see you through..much love keep up the fight and stay strong..


Kelly said...

Did Leah ever get out of the ICU? You never posted it and i have been wondering for awhile. I hope she did. Love Liz's hair now, and totally agree with lisa about her looking ready to rock all over that cancer! You all will be in my prayers!


Christine, Randy said...

yes, Leah is out of ICU and has been fever free for over 24 hours. They are still checking for the cause of her fever and why she went septic. She has been quarantined in her room since March 15th. I believe is able to roam the halls of A5 South once again and is greatly looking forward for Lizzy's return :-)

Kelly said...

Aww im glad to hear she is doing better! Thanks for letting me know.


Lisa M said...

Thanks for the Leah update - praying for her too! :) Hopeful for good news in the coming days for both girls. How is Alex doing? Is he still improved?

Christine, Randy said...

Alex is holding his own. They are on their final round of chemo. Please pray that this works for Alex, so for the others have not.

Cindy Dodson said...

Hey Lothrops!
Just wanted you to know that many good thoughts and prayers are being thrown your way. I had dinner Friday night w/some friends I used to work with, and they were asking how Liz was doing. They are tuned in to the prayer needs and are pitching their prayers into the huge pot of blessings so many are stirring up for you guys!
Sending positive thoughts and fervant prayer your way!
The Dodsons