Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Phase of Delays

Yes, that's right, another delay! Those darn platelets are giving her grief. They need to be at 75k and they are down to 53k. We have had to stop the 6MP (chemo pill) that I give her at home until she is able to continue on with this phase. Evidently one of the side effects of the 6MP is it can cause the platelets to drop and as I have said before, she has sensitive platelets. Platelet transfusions only hold for a day or two before her body rejects them. Home care will be out this Sunday to access her port and draw blood to check her counts. If they are good, we will be admitted on Monday at 10:15 am, if not we will try for Tuesday.

I was not surprised that her platelet count was too low, that happened the last time as well. I am disappointed that we have a delay. Elizabeth was like "great!" Now I will be home on the weekend. Unfortunately she is sick with a cold and will not be able to have friends come over. :-( Please pray that she does not spike a fever. If a fever comes on we are at Children's for 14 days, on several antibiotics, without question. After being home, that would be hard to take but you do what you must for survival.

I will let you in on Lizzy's life right now, she is trying to sleep beside me with her waterfall running on her nightstand and her ipod playing the Sounds of the Season, Thunderstorm. She just loves that stuff and do I. It is rather serine. :-}

Please pray that we have a peaceful night sleep. Her bag is packed and ready to go if she should spike a fever. A fever is not much when you have Leukemia - 100.5 - that does not give you room to play with! She is pretty miserable at the moment and I can not give her any meds for the cold. Doing this could mask a fever and they need to know at all times what her body is doing. Well I can tell you..... it is feeling pretty crappy to put it mildly. :-(

I know I sound a bit down and I guess maybe at times I am. Sometime, even as a strong person of faith, it can get to you to see your baby hurt and suffer yet try to be so brave and strong for everyone; especially for her mom.

Please keep the faith for me when mine gets battered. I never stop believing and trusting in God for a minute but it still gets hard, I m only human and a parent yet to boot.

Pray for:
No fever
Platelets rise
her cold goes away
mouth sores continue to heal
no renal (kidney) failure
for Randy and Jimmy's safe journey, college scouting in Florida this week
All the families on A5 South, that they may feel the love and security God has for them even in a time of complete and utter upheaval in their family life.

Blessings to each and everyone of you,


Cindy Dodson said...

Liz is exactly where God wants her to be right now :)

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

So sorry for the delay. Will pray she gets better, and Monday will be a go. Try to have a relaxing and peaceful weekend.


Kristi said...

Hello friends,

This is just a little bump in the road..she has been amazing so far, even though she is down right now..god is with her comforting her.. she will get through this, she is a tough cookie..keep the faith as we lift her up in prayer..
rest peacefully with lots of comfort it is in Jesus' hands..

much love,
Kristi and family

Stacy said...

I hate to hear that you have a cold. We are praying for you to get better and move on with your treatment. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Stay strong. You are an amazing woman, friend, and mother. To see your strength through all of this is inspirational. We are always thinking and praying for you and your family.

love you guys

Stacy said...
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The Merklinger Family said...

I hope Liz is feeling better soon! We will be praying that she gets through this quickly without a fever and the next phase begins shortly. Hang in there guys and keep listening to that peaceful music.

Lisa M said...

We are lifting your entire family up in prayer as well as Leah. I can only imagine what delays must feel like....not just a delay but paralyzing! However, here you are feeling down and I'm on Rob Stoneberger's website checking on him and YOU are ministering to him. The words you spoke to Rob today are right back at you, dear one.
Blessings, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. I've been feeling these same feelings the last few days and it's so hard to stay positive right now. I feel better just knowing that I am not the only mother struggling right now (not that it makes me feel good that you are having a hard time. It just feels good not to be alone). Thank God we have each other and other parents here at A5S. I will pray for all of the things you mentioned. Hang in there! We will be at the top of the rollercoaster ride again in no time!


Leigh Ann said...

Hello Lathrops! We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Check out my post for Lizzy on my blog today.
There is a surprise from my youngest Emma and her best friend Libby!
Blessings and much love,
The Babcocks

KaylaMcDowell said...

hey liz !!! i have been praying for you, and leah as well . we also pray for you before volleyball tournaments in our LL jerseys :) i think about you all the time . I LOVE YOU !!!

- kayla