Monday, February 16, 2009

We are a GO!

We have just gotten back from Children's and it is a go for tomorrow. We will be starting on the Interim Phase I protocol.

Elizabeth's ANC is at 800 and her platelets are at 163,000. We are so thankful that she is finally getting to continue with her treatment.

This phase will consist of 57 plus days. She will be hospitalized Tomorrow for four days and out for ten. This cycle will continue for the 57 plus days. The reason I say "plus days" is because on day 29 of this cycle, March 17, her counts will need to be at certain levels before she finishes out the phase; Liz's ANC must be at 750 and her platelets at 75,000 sustained on their own, if not we will have a delay until they reach those numbers.

Elizabeth will be admitted at 6:30 am for a bone marrow and IT MTX (chemo in the spine,) she will also be starting on the high dose Methatrexate which is a 24 hour chemo given through her port. The port is like an IV but can handle stronger meds. and will stay in her for the duration of her protocol.

The bone marrow will give us answers to how well the chemo is working. This will be checking the amount of leukemic cells still in her bone marrow. I am not sure if we will get those results back tomorrow or if it will take a few days, but when we receive them we will let you know.

Please pray that her cancer cells are fewer, if any.
Pray for the unknown side effects of this high dose Methatrexate.
Pray for minimal side effects.
Pray for the families and children on 5A of Children's.
Pray for Elizabeth's caregivers.
Pray for yourselves too.

The Lothrop's are praying for you.

God's blessings,


Cindy Dodson said...

Hurray! It's wierd to be happy about someone having to stay in the hospital for 4 days. This is such great news! All things happen for a reason, and this delay is no exception! Glad things are moving forward and always praying that healing continues to move in the right direction.
The Dodsons

Lisa M said...

Great news - we are praying fervently!

Aunt Patti said...

Lizzie Grace,
I'm so happy that you get to move forward. I bet it is a scary time for you but also a relief that you can keep going in your treatment. I pray that you stay strong and positive during your next phase. We love and miss you very much!
Hugs and Kisses
Aunt Patti,Scott and Blake too.

The Merklinger Family said...

What wonderful news...we have been checking the blog regularly hoping that Liz will be moving forward soon with her treatments. Thinking and praying for you. Just remember each phase is another step closer. Best wishes!

Christine, Randy said...

AMEN to that Merklinger family!

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

Whoo! I will see you tomorrow with some bubble tea and homework baby! Ok, some prayers too! :)