Monday, February 16, 2009

Tonight on Fox 19 news!!!

A story was shot at the end of last week about the Sycamore football programs Liftathon for Liz. It will air tonight on the FOX 19 10 O’clock News and again tomorrow morning on the FOX 19 Morning News. Should be pretty cool.


Christina Schnitzler said...

Chad(my husband) read about that in the paper today!! :) yay!

Cindy Dodson said...

Just saw the Fox 19 segment on the Liftathon for Liz. Very nice piece. Go Aviators! They'll be carrying some weight for you on Weds as you also work hard at Children's this week! Praying that all numbers stay within range!
Mrs. D.

Kristi said...

sounds really neat we will watch..hope all goes well this week our prayers are with you..
Kristi and family