Sunday, January 11, 2009

Layups for Liz!


The Merklinger Family said...

That's so cool! Love it! Best wishes to you this week, Elizabeth. You go girl!

Melissa Grablovic (Lohman) said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing. Good luck again tomorrow Liz. Hope you are feeling better this week thank you have been lately!


cath said...

What a great way to support you, Liz, to bring two great communities, schools, and team together, doing what they love to do. I don't know you personally Liz but I know your Dad. It looks like God has shown you just how much He cares for you and your family by using all of these people. Know that people in Mexico are praying for you. What a testimony your faith is. Praise God. 2 Peter 1:3
Cathy (Shipley) Hufer

Kristi said...

Wow how cool!!

We Believe in you and the power of prayer. Keep the faith, we will be thinking about you tomorrow..

much love,

The Jones'

simhoff said...

Hey Lizzy! Sorry I wasn't at the Mason-Sycamore game. I was in Ft. Myers Florida where I know you have spent some great times with your family in the past, and will again in the future. The support shown by the players, coaches, and fans of both schools was incredible. You deserve it. To see that Cathy (Shipley) Huber, known as "Ship" in her Lady Ave days is praying for you, just confirms what I already knew -- there are thousands of people, many who you have never met who have you in their prayers every day. Keep on believin'. The Puzzler